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7 Oct

I listened to the pounding on the metal roof of my car.

Everything outside was drenched with the early morning rain.

And as it fell I was soaking my swollen abdomen with tears.

Tears of anxiousness. Tears of joy. Tears in fear of what the next few weeks would bring.

Would my little girl arrive safely? Would I be strong enough to labor at home, naturally, like I planned? Would my family arrive in time to witness the miracle of birth? Would I be a good Mama to this precious gift?

When the thumping of the droplets seemed to lessen, I ran, well, waddled, for the back door of our large green two story.

I dried my face and tried to tuck the fears and anxiousness away, after all, she wasn’t due for almost two weeks. I prepared the ingredients and placed dinner in the crockpot.

Before continuing with other housework, I sat down on the couch to quickly check my email.

Then it came. First a trickle.

Standing up, it flooded the hardwood beneath me.


My water had broken.

My baby girl was ready.

I shook with excited and fumbled for my cell phone.

“Babe…I think my water broke.”

“I’ll be right there.” Thankfully our church is only two blocks away.

I called my Mama and quickly typed a text message to my sister and close friends.

He came in the back door. His wet shoes squeaking across the kitchen floor, he found me standing in the same position I had called him from a few minutes earlier.

We looked at each other, knowing our lives were about to change forever.

The midwife came. 2 centimeters and she could feel sweet Londyn’s head.

I showered through increasing contractions, and Daniel prepared our room.

The midwife returned. 4 centimeters. Active labor was in progress. This baby was in a hurry.

I didn’t want him to leave my side. He reminded me to breathe like we had practiced in our classes. He massaged my back as the pain intensified.

Moving from the bathroom to our bed and back again. I fought for the strength to do this. The pressure of our daughter’s head was painful and the pain brought my breakfast back up again.

“I don’t think I can do this,” I groaned while Daniel changed the sheets he had just put on the bed not even an hour before.

“Yes, you can. You’re doing great, Love,” he encouraged.

I questioned how far away my parents and sister were.

They were stuck in traffic, but only twenty minutes away.

I stretched across the bed resting on the comfort on my own pillow between contractions.

My Mama and sister entered our room and I felt a wave of relief. They made it.

I asked to see my Daddy. He peeked his head into the room, “Hey, punkin.”

Our conversation was cut short by another contraction. The pressure and my desire to push was incredible.

Daniel kept telling me not to push yet. The midwife echoed his words.

My Mama rubbed my back. She offered her hand, but I didn’t take it. I wanted my hands free.

The midwife checked again. 8 centimeters. After only 3 hours of active labor.

He helped me off the bed and supported my weight as my legs felt weak and heavy. Back in the bathroom, I continued.

“You can push, now.” I received the permission my body was aching for.

I pushed twice before my midwife ushered me quickly back to bed.

On my hands and knees, she admonished me to push through the next wave of contractions.

I hesitated.

“Push your baby out.” she requested again.

I moved to my side. The burning was unlike anything I had ever felt. Moaning, I bore down and heeded her request.

Before I knew it, my midwife lifted our baby to my chest.

I remember saying, “Hi Baby. Hi Beautiful. Hi Sweetheart.” over and over again.

She was perfect.

She was sunshine though the skies were gray outside our bedroom window.

Arriving nine days before we expected her and making her entrance in just under four hours of labor.
Londyn Grace. Our Sunshine.
Lord, we are so grateful for the precious gift of our girl. 
Thank You doesn't do it justice. We pray that You'll 
enable us to raise her to love and live for You!

Life Lately…

7 Jun

December has somehow turned into June.

Six months of wedding planning and the days seemed so long. Like the seventeenth would never come.

A year has passed since our long awaited engagement! And now here we are six months into marriage!

We are settling into routine. Finding our place in a new ministry. Tuesday nights it’s visitation. Wednesday nights I tutor before Prayer and Bible Study. Thursday Daniel has music practice. Friday nights are usually date night even if it means ordering pizza and staying in. Saturdays are spent preparing for Sunday. Sundays are busy but blessed as we have the privilege of serving our Lord and the people of First Baptist. That brings us to Mondays when we enjoy Daniel’s day off getting caught up on the things the week before didn’t afford time for.

We are building new relationships with people while finding ways to use technology and every spare moment to continue strengthening the relationships with those so precious to us back in Maryland and Pennsylvania. Nine o’clock chats with my Mama every morning, weekly phone calls with my Grandmothers, and texts with my sister make the distance between us seem shorter. Weekend visits from my parents and my favorite five year old, who somehow finished her last day of Pre-K today, are treasured times.

Baby at 21 weeks!

And as temperatures climb and the days lengthen, we are anxious to see what the Lord is going to do with the first summer of our married life!  It will bring many opportunities for ministry and some time to rest as well (we won’t have to say goodbye as one of us leaves for vacation since we get to go together this year! :). We will prepare a nursery for our sweet babe who was very busy and thankfully very healthy during our ultrasound on Monday!

I want to savor these firsts. These months of settling in. Life lately has been precious, and I want to cherish these moments. I want to seek my Savior more fervently knowing that I am so undeserving of what He’s given.

I long to share His working in my life more often because I don’t want to forget how good life is in the here and now.

Praying life has been wonderful for you lately, sweet friends, and that we will soon have Internet access at home again so I can blog more often!

“O Lord, thou art my God, I will exalt thee, I will praise thy name; for thou hast done wonderful things..!”

Isaiah 25:1