This Miracle

28 Jun

Dishes are done. Laundry is folded. My Bible lay open on my lap.

As I read, I feel the strange yet satisfying thump within.

“And the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing…”

Romans 15:13

She kicks.

Reminding me to hope. To trust.

My heart is anxious. I note her every movement. I wait when she is still. Sleep is filled with dreams of what she will be like, of whether or not she will be healthy, and of whether or not I will be what she needs. At each appointment, the seconds it takes the midwife to find her heartbeat seem like hours

I must surrender something that isn’t mine in the first place.

Her life belongs to Him, and I must trust His goodness. He will sustain her as he has for the last six months.

With my swelling abdomen growing a little more each day, our daughter is growing too along with my faith in the One who blessed us with her.

“Before I formed thee in the belly, I knew thee.”

Jeremiah 1:5

 He already has big plans for her little life which include teaching her Mama a little more about what it means to truly rely upon Him each and every moment.

I am so grateful for the precious gift of our girl and for the gracious God whom I am so privileged to call Father who has been so faithful thus far.

As He knits her together, I am learning to trust unlike ever before. I am so in awe of my Faithful Creator tonight. He’s big enough to keep our world spinning on its axis and yet is keeping this little one within me.

Her tiny feet are strong enough to make her kicks visible.

I watch my belly move.

Amazed at this miracle and thrilled to be a part of it.


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