Where I am…

2 May

be where you are.


I thought I’d learned that lesson already. I was sure that was the point for the years the Lord allowed me to remain single.

Yes, teaching me contentment, that was the reasoning, right?

Well if that was the case surely I’d be an expert on the subject by now.

But I am finding that the opposite is true.

I am finding that contentment is a lesson not learned in a single season, but rather through lifelong teaching.

And as He continues teaching me, I am challenged to be here.

Not where I think I should be.

When single, I thought I should be married.

Now married, I am grateful (so grateful!) for a longing fulfilled, for life with my wonderful hubby, but today I face a different kind of discontentment.

One that comes with living so far from everything I’ve ever known.

I struggle with new longings.

Though I thought I learned contentment years ago, Β it’s quite clear I’ve not yet mastered it.

He has much more teaching to do and through His teaching I’m beginning to realize something.

He’s not teaching so that we learn to be content with the circumstance, but rather with the Christ who is ever present in each one.

The temporal will never satisfy the Christian. We will forever be longing for more, groaning for a filling only the heavenly can provide, for something only the Savior can give us.

He wants me to be content with Him which will in turn give the grace needed to be here or anywhere for that matter.

As I waited through my single years, He was there, and He remains as I navigate these first few months of marriage and pregnancy many miles from Maryland.

It is in Him where I will find the ability to truly be content no matter where life and ministry may take us.

And it is because of Him that I can be here

where He knows I should be.

“But godliness with contentment is great gain.”

1 Timothy 6:6


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