“The Lord hath need!”

2 Apr

Welcoming the least among them. He even took time to love on their children.

Offering eternal riches to a young man who seemed to have it all.

Teaching through parables. No man ever spoke as this Man did.

Giving sight to the blind. Using the dust of the ground and the touch of His hand.

After all of this, they had every reason to praise Him, waving palm branches and shouting “Hosanna!” “Hosanna!”

And after all He’s done for me, I too have every reason to worship.  I need Him desperately.

I need Him to welcome me as He did the children, to hold me while I cry. I need the eternal life only He can give. I need Him to teach me through His Word and open my blinded eyes to the Truth daily.

But as much as this passage and the arrival of Palm Sunday teaches us about worship, I was struck by something else.

I was struck by the donkey.

Yes, the donkey and the words of our Lord regarding such an animal known for centuries as disobedient and nearly useless.

Sending the disciples to a nearby village, He told them to untie the donkey and her colt, because,

“…The Lord hath need of them…” Matthew ch. 21 v.3

Did you get that?

The Lord needed a donkey!

And not just for a leisurely ride through the country, He needed her for His triumphant entry!

And surely if He could use her, He can use me! Though prone to wander, though so susceptible to sin, He wants me, He needs me!

He wants to use me to proclaim His message of hope for the hurting, salvation for the sinner, redemption for those in bondage!

In my Sunday school class. In my neighborhood. In my home. He only needs me to be available, to be willing!

In spite of my waywardness, He wants me and I am so grateful!


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