Oh Lord You’ve Been So Good..

24 Nov

PhotobucketSo very good.

Giving so much more than I’ll ever deserve.

First, life and breath, twenty four years ago bright and early on that October Sunday.

Godly parents.

A happy childhood.

Church when the doors were open.

Then, everlasting life and Your Spirit making my heart Your home, nearly fifteen years ago on that April evening.

Middle school.

High school.

The ability to navigate the craziness of both.

Finally, graduation, a year earlier than I should have, on that hot June morning.

I thought I knew where I was going from there.

Turns out I knew little.

Little of where I was going and little of Who You truly longed to be to me.

That was 2004. I was certain marriage would follow soon after.

It didn’t.

And I couldn’t see it then, but it didn’t because of Your goodness,

because You wanted me to fall in love with You before I fell in love with my Prince Charming.

And tonight, I’m so grateful.

Grateful for the last seven years,

for lonely nights,

for broken hearts,

for healing straight from Your nail scarred hands,

for time at home developing relationships with my favorite people on this earth,

for time in my classroom, it’s been much more than nouns and verbs,

but rather life changing lessons taught not by me, but by the students You saw fit to bless me with,

for time to grow up into You,

to discover a passion for Your Word,

for writing,

for photography,

for life.

Oh, Lord You’ve been so good.

And after much waiting, in a season of change and heartbreak,

three Novembers ago,

You knew it was time.

Time to bring my Prince Charming.

Time because my heart was finally surrendered to You, my Lord and King.

Thank You.

Thank You for everything.

You’ve been so good.

* Nearly a month has passed since I’ve shared my heart by way of my blog. Oh how I’ve missed it! I didn’t want Thanksgiving to pass without typing my annual Thanksgiving post. He’s been so good! I also wanted to thank you for being faithful readers of my blog even in my absence. The Lord uses you to bless me often! Thank You! 

I’ve accomplished much in the way of wedding planning and preparation, and can hardly contain my excitement for our day that will be here very soon. Please continue to pray for us as we prepare. Only 23 days to go!

Happy Thanksgiving, sweet friends!*


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