The Blah of Busyness…

31 Oct

There’s five hundred things to do and not enough hours in the day.

Pinned ImageRushing through To-Do Number One while worrying about To-Do Number Two getting accomplished.

Relieved that you’ve finally fallen lifeless into bed, only to lie awake for another hour thinking of all the tasks that tomorrow and the next day and the day after that will bring.

No longer enjoying the sweetness of life because of the swift pace at which the days seem to fly leaving so much undone.

Skipping time in Scripture because you’ve overslept yet again.

Having an attitude that reflects the fact that Jesus got left off of your To-Do list.

That’s the blah of busyness.

Have you ever felt it?

Busyness quickly becomes a burden too heavy to carry. Exhausted and overwhelmed, I crawl back to my Savior seeking direction and help for finding the balance between being busy and being productive.

I am guilty of over committing, not necessarily to other people, but to myself. Expecting too much. Focusing on six tasks (or sixty, when it comes to the remaining wedding projects and other marriage and moving related To-Do’s), and allowing my heart to become burdened with the weight of so many responsibilities.

How quickly what should be viewed as an incredible blessing results in the blah of busyness, into missing the moment, failing to focus on Jesus and how grateful I am that He has me where I am today. How quickly I let worry win. How apt I am to allow anxiousness to accomplish it’s goal of making me miserable.

When I allow busyness to steal my time with Jesus and fail to “seek…first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness..” (Matthew 6:33), I am grouchy when I should be gracious. I am sulking when I should be singing. I am most certainly lacking the joy that He died to give me. I find myself “tak(ing).. thought of the morrow..” (Matthew 6:34) even though I am fully aware of my Lord’s admonition to trust Him with what I can’t yet see or in this case, what I can see and am concerned over how it will get done!

But I don’t want busyness to make me blah! This season is too precious to spend the next month and a half feeling (and acting) that way. I want it to make me more aware of my need to rely on my Savior for strength to get what truly needs to be accomplished accomplished and the wisdom to know what is of little importance anyway. I want to savor every second. I want to joy in every step of the journey!

I want to see every task as a blessing. Every To-Do as a means of bringing Him glory. I want to praise Him when I am productive and even when I look at my list wondering why I didn’t accomplish more.

Praying that your busyness drives you to Jesus, sweet friends! Oh how we need Him!

“But let the righteous be glad; let them rejoice before God: yea, let them exceedingly rejoice.”

Psalm 68:3


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