No restraints.

17 Sep

Fear and it’s crippling effects. Time or rather the lack of it. Age as our bodies weaken and strength fades. Sin and the chains it binds with, tighter than we ever thought possible.

Restraints that hold us back, prevent us from thoroughly enjoying the blessings that the Lord longs for us to enjoy, keep us from the goals we set, and deprive us of the liberty He died to provide for us.

But we don’t have to be limited by these things. We can break free from the bondage that they place upon us.

Saul allowed the restraints of fear and selfishness to keep him and therefore his entire kingdom from experiencing God’s blessing.

As the “Philistines gathered themselves together to fight with Israel,” (1 Sam. 13:5) he watched his people tremble. He “saw that they were in a strait” (1 Sam. 13:6) and as the one responsible for the nation he was no doubt trembling inwardly himself.

He waited. One day. Two days. Before long “seven days” had passed and there was no sign of the prophet. (1 Sam. 13:8) Fearful and desperate, Saul took matters into his own hands. When Samuel finally arrived, he reproved Saul for his actions, for not keeping“the commandment of the Lord” (1 Sam. 13:13) and explained that the decision that he made that day would not only alter his future, but the future of Israel as a whole.

The restraints of fear kept Saul from trusting, from leading.

But in the following chapter, we see his son breaking free. We see him trusting. We hear him making this amazing statement,

“…that there is no restraint to the Lord..”

chapter 14 verse 6

Jonathan grasped a truth that it would do us all well to grasp.

While preparing for battle, he did so with courage and confidence. There were no restraints holding Jonathan back because there were no restraints holding His God back.

“And Jonathan climbed up upon his hands and upon his feet, and his armor-bearer after him: and they fell before Jonathan..” (14:13)

“The multitude melted away..” (14:16) as a result of his trusting. “The Lord saved Israel that day” (14:23) working mightily to show Himself strong and capable when trusted to be just that.

Indeed, there was no restraint to the Lord. He accomplished that which Jonathan set out to accomplish. He provided, He fought for His people and won.

And how he yearns for us to let Him do the same thing in our lives. We allow our own limitations to hinder His working. We become impatient like Saul and try to handle it on our own while we should be trusting like Jonathan did.

Our Lord is not limited by our limits nor hindered by the hinderances that so often keep us from having His best. If we’ll only allow Him to work, He will indeed do so. He’ll break the chains and allow us to experience the relief of freedom.

For with Him there are no restraints.

“…With God all things are possible.”

Matthew 19:26


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