Soaking it in…

5 Sep

before it slips away.

The Summer of 2011 with many days of temperatures near one hundred degrees has all but slipped away.

This morning the air was cooler, the sky overcast, the rain more like that of an Autumn shower than that of a humid afternoon thunderstorm.

So often when it’s raining I tend to use an umbrella or make a mad dash for shelter if no umbrella is available, but tonight was different.

With all of my errands run, I knew I was only going home after stopping at the gas station to fill up so there was no need to keep my hair from getting messed up or my clothes from getting wet.

The cool drops fell hard and because of my slower pace, soaked my skin before falling to the ground.

I type this wondering, pondering,

how the last three months have passed so quickly.

How slower, more relaxed days of wedding planning and time with grandparents will now be replaced by busier days of teaching, grading and lesson planning.

How within the next three months I will wear the dress I’ve been longing to wear and vow the vows I’ve been longing to vow as I become Mrs. Daniel Hodge.

How life so quickly slips away and how desperately I long to soak it in.

Normally the raindrops would barely touch my skin before dripping into the puddles beneath my feet, but when I slowed down I gave them time to soak in.

I tend to run through life, to rush from point A to point B and rarely slow down long enough to soak it in.

The moments rush on, and I’m so busy running through the rain I miss most of them.

So much has happened already this year, changing the way life has always been. Good changes, exciting changes, but changes none the less. The first eight months of 2011 have held so much, but have passed so rapidly.

Our family mission trip to Honduras in early January.

My baby sister saying “I do” in May.

My best friend asking me to spend forever with him on our second anniversary. 🙂

My favorite almost five-year old starting “Big School” this past Tuesday.

My soon to be brother-in-law starting his senior year of Bible College this week.

My beginning of a fifth year of ministry with my students tomorrow.

I want to soak in every moment.

I want to savor this season of change, to rejoice in it, to delight in a God who has been so very gracious.

I am overwhelmed with His goodness, with how lovingly and perfectly He has scripted my story thus far.

And I want to soak it in before it slips away.

 To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.”

Ecclesiastes 3:1


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