16 Aug

“Commit thy way unto the LORD;

trust also in him; and he shall bring it to pass.”

Psalm 37:5

I’ve spent the summer planning. Tucking papers and receipts into the pockets of my green wedding binder. Making schedules and ironing out details. Smiling when another To-Do is checked off the list.

And in a two weeks I’ll spend much of my time planning in a different way. Making copies, preparing lessons, grading papers.

I’m a plans kinda girl! I guess it’s the teacher in me. I love to neatly write the next thing on my To-Do List on my desk calendar at school or type promptly into iCal on my laptop.

But often times my plans, and life, for that matter, don’t go as I’ve so meticulously planned for them to go!

As my wonderful husband to be says so often, I want things on my To-Do list accomplished yesterday. Problem is, yesterday is already gone! And so many things are left undone.

I struggle to plan with patience. To give grace to others (and to myself) when things planned aren’t accomplished on my time table.

Plans change. Delays happen. And I must realize that, “my times are in (His) hands” and that He is ultimately in complete control of what I often claim as my plans! (Psalm 31:15)

What better place for my plans to be than in nail scarred hands! Hands that “measured the the waters…and meted out the heaven…” (Isaiah 40:12) Hands that “formed man of the dust of the ground.” (Genesis 2:7)

As Matthew Henry put it, If God have our times in his hand, he can help us; and, if he be our God, he will help us; and then what can discourage us? It is a great support to those who have God for their God that their times are in his hand and he will be sure to order and dispose of them for the best!”

My plans and my impatience rest in His hands because I am confident in His ability to accomplish them in His way and in His time.

So when plans from yesterday remain undone today, I am reminded that His ways are higher than mine! His plans perfect! His heart ever bent toward doing what is best for me even when He changes or delays plans I feel confident in!

Over the last six years, He has grown me much in the patience department and yet it is still a struggle!

I must choose daily to surrender my Calendar, my To-Do List and all of my plans to the Only One capable of bringing them to pass!

“Lord, my times are in thy hand, and I am well pleased that they are so; they could not be in a better hand. Thy will be done.”

~ Matthew Henry


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