Thirty Mornings

9 Aug

ago, I went to my Bible to begin the day. Prior to that many things had been interfering with my time in His Word, but that morning was different. I was tired of the inconsistency in my morning devotions and I was missing sweet fellowship with my Savior!

Today, thirty days later, I have finished, by His grace alone, the 30 for 30 Challenge! Purposefully setting my alarm thirty to forty-five minutes earlier every day, I’ve so enjoyed this time with my Jesus! Sometimes this meant rising at six a.m., but it was so worth it! As a teacher, Summer is usually the only I time I can sleep in and there have certainly been a few mornings when my flesh fought hard to stay in bed, but He gave much grace and enabled me to get up on time every day!

I began this challenge in Matthew chapter one and have made it to chapter seventeen thus far! Too often I miss much of the Truth in the Gospels because of the familiarity, but He has opened my eyes to so much over the last month! Moving slowly through the first seventeen chapters, I’ve gleaned much from the many miracles Jesus performed, the many lessons He longed for His disciples to learn, the many lives He changed in such wonderful ways!

This morning I took a break from my study in Matthew and went to Psalm 119.

I was reminded that spending time with our Lord is not simply a suggestion, but in reality a command.

David penned these words so many years ago,

“Thou hast commanded us to keep thy precepts diligently.”

verse four

I want to take His command seriously and make the 30 for 30 Challenge a daily happening for more than just the Summer of 2011.

I have too much ahead of me to go it alone. I need His help to be who He desires me to be! I need consistent time with Him each morning!

I pray He gives me the ability “to keep His precepts diligently” in the coming days!

“Those that would maintain intercourse with Heaven, must frequently withdraw from the converse and business of this world and they will find themselves never less alone than when alone for the Father is with them.”

~ Matthew Henry


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