I Want Faith Like…

4 Aug

Abraham’s who went out not knowing whither He went in search of a Promised Land, a better country that he was convinced his Lord had prepared for him. A faith like Abraham who was convinced enough of the goodness of his God to offer up a son, his only son, a son with which he had finally been blessed with after countless years of waiting, trusting, and praying.

Sarah’s who though amused at first thought of an opened womb in her elderly years, believed God for a child. A faith to trust His perfect timing even when His working seems LONG overdue.

Moses’ who stood before Pharaoh, a man who had the power to take his life, a man who was technically his grandfather by adoption yet from whom he had chosen to separate himself choosing the riches of Christ above the treasure’s found in his household.

Noah’s as he faithfully hammered and sawed despite the snickers and sneers of  mocking onlookers. A faith to trust that a never-seen-before rain would fall because His God had promised it would.

Joshua’s as he circled Jericho over and over again because God had asked him to do so. One time. Two times. Three times. Four times. Five times. Six times. Seven times. Each time convinced that His God would come through.

David’s who faced a giant that no one else would as a youth who wasn’t even expected to fight in a normal battle much less in one against a nine foot opponent. Standing before the towering figure, he was convinced that the stone he held in his hand would do the job not because he knew his aim was perfect but because he came in the name of the Lord.

the great cloud of witnesses’, the countless others listed in Hebrews eleven, who believed their God could and would do the impossible. People who saw Him do what very few others who have ever lived have seen Him do. A faith like those convinced to the deepest part of their souls that He desires to be more than just a Savior (though that would be beyond enough!) to those He has so graciously saved!

Faith enough to believe Him for the BIG things and for the little things. A faith that pleases Him and brings Him glory. A faith that’s deeper.

Faith in His perfect plan and work in my life.

He is so faithful, friends! May He increase our faith that we might be more faithful!

 “So then faith cometh by hearing: and hearing by the word of God.”

Romans 10:17

*a slightly adapted repost from the archives!


One Response to “I Want Faith Like…”

  1. Lynda Love Clark August 5, 2011 at 9:02 am #

    Sarah – Bless you so – seems you always give me what I need and want to hear each day with your message. I thank you for sharing your thoughts and for being so into the Word of GOD.

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