Saved to Serve

22 Jul

Her body flush with fever. Her strength slowly fading. The cold cloth was doing little to relieve the throbbing pain. She could barely lift her head from the pillow though sounds of company settled on her ears.

She didn’t realize that the company would share much more than a meal and some fellowship with her family that day, until

“He touched her hand.” (Matthew 8:15)

Instantly, the fever left her sweaty body and she “arose” from the bed that she had been confined to.

Jesus, her son-in-law’s newest friend, saved her from the sickness that wracked her body with pain.

And though this story of healing is miraculous and another example of the power in one touch from the Master’s hand, it was what happened next that challenged me greatly.

“…She arose, and ministered unto them.”

Matthew 8:15


That’s the last thing most of us would be thinking about after being raised from a bed of affliction!

But minister she did.

From the Greek word, diakoneō, meaning to be a servant, attendant, domestic, to serve, wait upon.

She responded to the gift of restored health she was so graciously given, by serving! She left her sickbed empty and promptly began ministering!

Just as we should take the gift of salvation so freely given by our Loving Lord and offer it back to Him through our service to others in His name.

“For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required” 

Luke 12:48

They’ll never know what Jesus can do for them if we don’t show them what He did for us!

Once He has ministered to us, our heart’s desire should be to minister to those He places in our paths each day.

We have been saved to serve!

Serve well, today, friends!

Happy Friday!


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