The Faith to Follow

18 Jul

A fishing boat.

A family business.

A fabulous morning to catch a few, or more, if things went the way James, John and Zebedee, hoped they would as they pushed off from the shore just as they had done a thousand times before.

They had no idea that this ordinary day would change their lives forever.

I imagine that Zebedee smiled with pride as he worked alongside his sons mending nets and chatting about what they had caught after a hard day’s work on the sea.

Then an unfamiliar voice interrupted the familiar.

The voice challenged the younger fisherman to have the faith to follow, to forsake family and to embark on a journey unlike any they’d ever imagined before.

And follow they did, leaving Zebedee “in the ship” (Mark 1:20) and all that they’d ever known behind them.

Many times when He calls us to have the faith to follow it doesn’t make sense, in fact it may seem nothing less than crazy!  I’ve often wondered what was going through old Zebedee’s mind as he watched his sons walk away that day on Galilee’s shore.

I guess we will never know this side of Heaven, but I do know that His call is rarely understood especially when viewed from an earthly perspective. Following Him takes faith because more often than not we can’t see where He’s taking us!

Just as James and John followed in faith, we see countless other examples in Scripture of those who followed when the destination was undisclosed location! With simply a promise from their Lord, they had the faith to follow!

I’m sure Abraham’s family didn’t understand when he “went out, not knowing whither he went.” (Heb. 11:8)

We know that Jonah struggled to see through faith’s eye what God had waiting for him in Nineveh.

“The muddy river Jordan?” thought Naaman as he was sent there to find healing from his leprosy.

Though it may not have seemed fancy enough, A small shimmering star in the night sky guided wisemen to the Savior.

As a once-murderer named Saul left his papers giving him permission to kill the Christians he hated so much, the world wondered “Why?”

So many other chapters in Scripture tell of men and women following faithfully even when they couldn’t see where the following would take them!

When our Lord calls, it definitely takes faith to follow despite the questions in our own hearts and the questions that will be asked by others.

But we can be sure that the One who asks us to have such faith will be so very faithful to us each step of the way!

Follow Him, this week, friends!

For one day faith will end in sight! And oh, what a fabulous sight it will be! 🙂

“For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it.”

Matthew 4:25


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