It’s His Presence Not Possessions

13 Jul

that truly bring the satisfaction we so desperately long for.

It was a Saturday in early July and to make room for Back to School inventory, every store in the Mall seemed to have a Biggest Sale of the Season banner hanging in their display window.

Flip flops were red tagged and could be purchased for fabulously low amounts.

Adorable skirts were an amazing seven dollars each.

Cute t-shirts and dressier shirts perfect for teaching and church were clearanced to crazy low prices.

And normally that would have been the perfect day for a shopping spree! For a girl who refuses to buy full price but loves buying new clothes, sale days are very good days!

But the girl who used to be single and had a good amount of spending money left after her tithe check was written, savings was deposited and bills were paid is now engaged to be married, and marriage means that extra spending money will now be used for groceries and gas and other unexpected expenses.

Though the SALE signs beckoned me, I knew I shouldn’t. I knew that I must begin now learning to determine my wants from my needs, learning what truly necessary purchases are, and I knew I didn’t like it one bit.

The longer we browsed, the more bitterness began to creep into my covetous heart. I really wanted that skirt and those flip flops and a couple of those shirts, it was all on sale, for goodness sake, but the new budget and the closet full of clothes at home said I really didn’t need them.

While fighting feelings of frustration inside, I became pretty grumpy on the outside, and it didn’t take long before I was confessing my feelings to my wonderful husband to be and asking for his forgiveness for my selfishness and sorry attitude.

That was Saturday and Satan has been using it all week. Each time I’ve gone to the closet to choose my clothes for the day, he’s reminded me of all those items I left hanging on the racks.

That was until this morning.

Resuming my study in Matthew, the Lord convicted me strongly about my coveting heart, reminding me that I will only experience true joy through the Presence of Jesus in my life not through the abundance of things which I possess.

In chapter four when Satan offers Jesus all the earthly pleasures and possessions the world could offer, He responds with Get thee hence, Satan: for it is written, Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve. (Matthew 4:10)

It’s when I’m seeking my Lord every morning and serving Him daily that I experience real fulfillment.

Sure a new outfit may make me feel good, but it helps little if I have a rotten attitude because I’ve failed to find satisfaction in my Savior.

This morning was one of those mornings when I said “Ouch, Lord, but thank You.” all in the same prayer. The Truth hurts especially when It reveals some not so great aspects of who you are, but the wonderful thing about God’s Word is that it always convicts and then corrects the problem if we’ll allow It to do so.

No shirt or skirt or pair of shoes will satisfy like He does and the more time I spend with Him the less appeal things that only fade in the wash or go out of style in a few weeks will have to my soul.

Oh the lessons He must teach me! Lessons in contentment and in what really matters in life. It’s not new clothes in the latest styles, but growing closer to Him and to my soon to be husband. It’s putting my focus on serving Him by serving my husband and putting the needs of our family before my own.

Oh the joy of knowing God in a way so personal, and of being engaged to the godliest and most handsome guy I know! Life will be different, but a very good different! I am confident that he will work hard to provide for us and that our Gracious God will ensure that we have every thing we need!

I may not be able to purchase every piece of clothing that catches my eye, but I have a continual source of pleasure in my Savior’s presence and in my precious groom to be’s amazing love for me!

“…In thy presence is fullness of joy; at thy right hand there are pleasures forevermore.” 

Psalm 16:11


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