30 for 30 Challenge

11 Jul

Recently, I’ve been struggling with spending time in God’s Word on a regular basis.

I’ve been choosing sleep over getting up early enough to do my devotions.

I’ve been pushing the power button on my MacBook before opening my Bible.

I’ve been exercising five to six days a week without fail, but failing miserably when it comes to making time for my Lord.

I’ve been wedding planning and shopping and daydreaming of being wife to my handsome hubby to be, but all without sharing sweet fellowship with Jesus consistently.

I’ve been posting about growing, but not doing very much of it.

So I, along with one of my best friends, who lives way too far away, decided that this week would be different.

We planned to get up and seek first our Savior!

As I did so, I felt my Savior challenging my heart further.

Thirty minutes. He wanted at least that from me.

And He wanted it more than just today.

I couldn’t get away from the thought, thirty for thirty, to spend (at least!) thirty minutes a day for the next thirty days with Jesus each morning! He was challenging me to make time for Him above everything else, to make time with Him my top priority now so it’s established before I take on the responsibilities of serving a husband and keeping a home.

I wrote today’s date on the top of a fresh sheet of notebook paper like I normally do when I start my devotions and next to it I wrote 8:10 am.

And before I knew it, it was 8:45! The time flew by as my heart soaked in the Truth in Matthew chapter one.

His Word met me exactly where I was. It settled in my soul and brought the encouragement I was longing for!

I am so thankful for my Jesus and the way He uses His Word in my life when I take the time to read and study it! I am also so very grateful for friends that challenge and “sharpen” (Proverbs 27:17) me to be better for Him.

I am so excited about the next thirty days and about what the Lord has in store for me as I seek to spend time with Him each morning, and I would love for you to join me!

Simply leave a comment saying “Yes! I’m up for the Challenge!”

I know He’ll use this time to “grow (me) up into Him” and that it will give me much material to share with you by way of my blog!

Seek Him first, friends! There’s nothing like it!

“But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.”

Matthew 6:33

* Tomorrow, I will share what I gleaned from Matthew chapter one this morning! What will you have to share?*


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