The Words Won’t Come

18 Jun

I’ve been absent. In fact I think it’s the first time since I began blogging nearly three years ago, save my trip to Honduras, that I’ve gone nearly an entire week without recording my thoughts here.

My absence has been partly due to a busy week of tying up the loose ends of another school year during the day to attending a revival meeting each night, but mostly because I have been so overwhelmed with where He has me today, so much so that the words just won’t seem to come.

Almost a month ago, just a few days before our engagement took place, I journaled this verse,

“Oh that I might have my request; and that God would grant me the thing that I long for!” 

Job 6:8

I was pleading with Job for an answer, for provision, for the thing that my heart ached for.

And I was believing God for His answer, trusting that the peace in my heart was confirmation that His granting was soon coming.

And come it did!

And now that it has, that words just won’t seem to.

Have you ever been so overwhelmed that you’re left speechless?

Or in my case unable to type the words that usually come without much thought at all?

The words won’t come yet I can hardly stand to keep what I’m feeling inside.

I can hardly believe that the season for which we’ve longed is here. That we are living the things we’ve talked about for two years now, today. That in six months we’ll be enjoying our first full day as a married couple, reveling in a God that has gone to great lengths to prove how very much He loves us, first in giving us His Son and His glorious salvation, then in giving us each other and the opportunity to serve together in ministry.

For three weeks now, my sporadic posts have been consumed with all things related to us, to the excitement that is bubbling over in our hearts.

I know that the reason I began this blog, in late Winter 2009, was to share His Word with you, to give you a glimpse of His work in my life, and though the last several posts may not have seemed to do very much of that, it has been quite the contrary. With each picture I post or wedding related detail I share with you, I do so because I believe that we are enjoying this special season in our life as a result of much prayer, much waiting and much faithfulness on the part of our Loving Lord.

You’ve read as the words came easily, when my heart was heavy and this blog was used as my way to process the hard times I was facing.

You’re reading today as the words won’t come, when I still haven’t quite processed all that this new season our lives will entail.

You’ve read, and I just wanted to thank you again for doing so and to announce the beginning of a new summer series I’ll be posting on each week over the next little while.

I must continue to passionatley love my Lord and His Word and keep focused on Him over the next six months and it is my hope that this series will help me to do just that.

Last summer was a summer of building, and I long for His direction and help this summer as well.

Stay tuned, sweet friends, as I’ll announce the theme on Monday!


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