Seeking. Rain or Shine.

6 Jun


It’s easy when it’s storming. We need His Shelter. His Protection. His Comfort.

When the winds howl violently and the rain pours with no sign of stopping, I find myself seeking.When the storms in my life bring heaviness to my heart, I’m much more apt to spend early hours in Scripture.

But when the clouds break and sunshine warms the mountaintop season, I quickly become consumed with the happiness it brings. I find it easier to skip my time in His Word because my heart is satisfied with the circumstances.

He has used the last week to challenge me greatly.

He has challenged me to seek Him. Rain or shine.

As he lovingly led me into a season I have been looking forward to and longing for for so long, He did so with the desire that I would continue to find my ultimate satisfaction in my Savior.

I must not allow the gift to distract me from the Gracious Giver!

He is the One that has heard every prayer, bottled every tear, and allowed every minute of the waiting. He is the One that has answered in this wonderful way, dried the tears from my face, put joy unspeakable in my heart, and brought an end to the season of longing He was so faithful in.

I must go to my Bible before I go to my Wedding Planning Binder. As I prepare for our Big Day, I must fall before my Jesus, asking Him to prepare me for the days that will follow in which I will be a wife and a helpmeet, finally serving in the position I’ve desired for so long.

Do you find yourself seeking more consistently in the storms while neglecting to seek consistently in the sunshine?

This simple verse has settled heavily on my heart,

“But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.”

Matthew 6:33

May we seek first. Rain or shine.


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