Cupcakes and Contentment

23 May

The hour hand slipped passed the ten, and I was planning to be in bed by 9:30.

I still had brownies to bake, decorations to make, and a million things to pack into the car, but the cupcakes needed icing first.

And not just any icing but purple icing to coordinate with the colors of the bridal shower I volunteered to plan for a fellow teacher.

Grabbing the food coloring, I mixed red then blue. More red. More blue. No purple yet. I stirred not realizing that the more I stirred the thinner I made the once thick icing.

Filling the pastry bag, I (along with my wonderfully helpful Mama!) began what I hoped would be a five-minute task.

The icing dripped from the bag in a huge pile on top of the first cupcake, looking anything but presentable.

It was now 10:30.

We tried another one. No luck. Another mound of goop dripped out.

I realized that the more I stirred the icing to make the purple I just had to have, the more impossible I made it to decorate with.


The purple wasn’t going to work.

But I really wanted purple.

Defeated, I scooped the extra white icing into the bag to thicken the runny mess I had made.

My grand plans for pretty purple cupcakes were not going to happen! And I was going to have to get over it because the clock now read 10:56.

So often in life, I long for perfect. And yet God allows pain, asks me to be patient, and brings circumstances that are laden with imperfections.

He’s teaching me that life gets messy and that I must learn to be content “in whatsoever state I am.” (Phil. 4:11)

Even when my purple icing is too runny to use. Even when seasons last longer than I wanted them too. Even when He withholds things I long for. Even when it seems like everyone else has what I want, that everyone else’s parties are perfectly planned with cupcakes that look like they came straight from the corner bakery.

The white icing made the decorating much easier and as it mixed with the purple I tried to use in the first place, it ended up looking much prettier than I expected it would.

But even better than the nicely iced cupcakes was the sweet and subtle reminder to be content with what the Lord allows or doesn’t allow to come to pass in my life!

He’s also teaching me that He usually has something beautiful in store as a result of the messes He allows! 🙂 I’m learning to love the messes for that’s when His working is the most evident!

I am so grateful for the lessons He’s so patiently teaching me! It’s just like Him to use something like cupcakes, just like He used white-out, broken pencils and my messy room, to lovingly remind me of things I should have learned years ago!

“But godliness with contentment is great gain.”

1 Timothy 6:6

We’re down to 5 days until the wedding! It’s come so fast! Pray for a stress-free week and the ability to make memories that will last a lifetime! I can’t believe my little sister is getting married! 🙂


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