A Large Place!

18 May

“He brought me forth also into a large place; He delivered me…”

Psalm 18:19

My heart was heavy, crammed with discontentment, overflowing with wants and desires unfulfilled. While attempting with all that was in me to find joy in each step of the journey, I was failing. Big time.

Nearly two months ago, I decided that I had enough. Enough of carrying the weight that was making me miserable. Enough of trying to hide the sadness that was seeping through the smile I was trying so hard to put on.

I laid my hopes and heaviness before Him, begging for deliverance with tears of surrender flowing.

And deliver me, He is.

Is not has because He continues His work upon my heart as I type this, and I pray He will ever continue to though He has certainly brought me into a wonderfully large place over the last several weeks!

Circumstances haven’t changed, but my heart is changing thanks to His constant and continual working upon it!

He hasn’t delivered me from it, but rather in it.

He is giving the grace needed to “run through (the) troop” (v.29) of discouragement and defeat that can have such victory over me.

He is supplying the strength needed to “leap over (the) wall” (v.29) of worry and anxiety that can stand in the way of peace and contentment.

He is teaching me (again!) that His way is indeed “perfect” (v.30) though the timing isn’t always what I want it to be.

This large place is much more comfortable than the place crammed with discontentment and misery, but if I’m not conscious and diligent to surrender, on a daily basis, the Enemy can quickly pull me right back into it.

I’m loving life in this large place, as He removes the bricks of bitterness and opens my heart to the amazing things He wants to teach me while I’m here!

But I am so aware of the need to seek Him continually for deliverance only He can bring!

I’m praying He’s been Help and Hope to you this week, friends!

He longs to give you a large place, too!

“He delivereth me from mine enemies:

yea, thou liftest me up above those that rise up against me…”

Psalm 18:48


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