9 May

I’m here!

Here at the beginning of another extremely busy week, blessed beyond measure.

Here with my Jesus, who I find more faithful today than ever before, in ways I didn’t know He could be yesterday.

Here with a Mama and Daddy who love Him too enough to raise me in the fear and admonition of the Lord.

Here with my baby sister who is nineteen days away from walking down an aisle a single girl holding her Daddy’s arm and walking that same aisle a married woman holding her new husband’s hand.

Here with my Daniel and his persistent and continual love for me in spite of me as he works all night and most of the day to prepare for the next season in our lives.

Here with godly grandparents who though weary with the weakness that age brings find the energy to be in His house each time the doors are open.

Here with eleven students, some who have just begun their elementary years and others who I’ve had the privilege of teaching for the last four years now, my once first graders that will be in fifth grade this fall, who will excitedly enter summer vacation in just a few short weeks leaving me to wonder if they’ve seen Christ in me this year.

Here with the opportunity to sit under solid Bible preaching every Sunday, Wednesday and many nights in between.

Here with emails from dear friends living many miles away yet facing the same struggles I do while finding the same God I find sufficient for each mile of the way sufficient for them.

Here with the Hope of the Gospel and the freedom to share it with the hopeless I pass each and everyday without it a second thought.

Here rejoicing in the fact that He loved me enough to give me the blessed privilege of being exactly where I am.

Had I continued to walk my road, I would’ve missed SO much!

I am so happy to be Here.

“I being in the way, the Lord led me!”

Genesis 24:27


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