My Jesus

20 Apr

“My Beloved is mine, and I am His…”

Song of Solomon 2:16

Fourteen years ago tonight.

At nine years old, I know I didn’t comprehend all He would be to me, but I knew that very night that He was mine and I was His.

Soon after, I remember hanging a poster much like this one in my bedroom. 

Many of the words, above my understanding at the time, didn’t mean much then,

but tonight, I have found my Jesus to indeed be,

my Advocate, pleading my case in the Throne Room over and over again.

my Faithful and True, keeping every promise He’s ever made.

my Living Water, quenching a thirst so deep nothing else can satisfy.

my Bread, feeding a hunger in my heart that only He can.

my Teacher, and an ever so patient one, continuing to teach the same lessons when I haven’t quite gotten it the first time.

my Good Shepherd, seeking out His wayward sheep and lovingly redirecting my steps when I’ve strayed from the path He’s set before me.

my Redeemer, buying me back from the grip of sin and self, rescuing me from my own plans and the destruction I was headed for.

my Author, scripting each part of my story with my very best interests in mind.

my Finisher, He said He’d be faithful to finish what He started.

my Anchor, in storms I never imagined I would face, a firm place to stand when everything else was unstable.

my Light, when spiritual darkness settles in my heart, His light breaks through the black veil, bringing sunshine in place of the shadows.

my Wonderful Counselor, offering His listening ear and Words of wisdom at all hours of the day and even late into the night.

my Immanuel, my God with me! Never leaving me or forsaking me, regardless!

my King and my Beloved, treating me like a princess, loving me with an everlasting love unlike anything I’ve ever known.

my Life, and without Him I can’t imagine where I’d be!

Tonight, I know Him well, but not nearly as well as I desire to.

I had heard Him calling for a few years before I finally sought Him for salvation, through the faithful preaching I was privileged to sit under, the constant example and daily praying of my parents and in the Still, Small Voice that was, and still is, unmistakably His.

But that April evening, when I heard about a place that wasn’t intended for God’s creation, but yet the very place I was destined for because of my lost condition for probably the thousandth time, His Voice was clearer and more tender than ever.

As my Momma took her place at the piano and began to play the first verse of Just As I Am, I felt His tug on my heart.

And I knew I couldn’t turn away again.

I am so glad He continued to call and continued to convict me of the sin that stood between me and my Savior.

Tonight, my Jesus is more to me than He has ever been, and I look forward to all that He still longs to be!

Thank You, Lord, for loving the little girl I once was enough to save me though You knew the wooing it would take to call me from my own plans just a few short years later. And thank You for loving the girl I am today in spite of the countless times I’ve fallen and failed You. You are my Life, and I couldn’t be happier with the wonderful things you’ve done over the last fourteen years! I don’t deserve You, but Lord, I am so grateful! 


One Response to “My Jesus”

  1. Lynda Love Clark April 21, 2011 at 10:08 am #

    Sarah – thanks for continuing to share. That is the same song “Just As I Am” – that gave me the prod to walk down that isle and to accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. It still echoes in my heart.

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