58 Minutes…

31 Dec

until 2010 is behind us.

I can hardly believe this year has come and gone so quickly. The first decade of the 2000’s will soon become a distant memory as we enter 2011.

It’s mind-boggling to think that the new year will mark seven years out of high school for me, the completion of my fourth year of teaching at my current school, my twenty-fourth birthday, and many other milestones. Time truly does fly as you get older!

Though all of those things bring excitement, the promise of a new year also brings a feeling of anxiousness for me. There is so much more that I long for the year to bring. Dreams, desires, and hopes that have occupied much space in my heart for many years now are still dreams, desires and hopes not yet reality. I pray that the year to come will be the year I see those seeds come to fruition.

But while the unknown of the days to come can be daunting, the promise of this verse brings joy to my longing heart tonight,

  “And when he putteth forth his own sheep, he goeth before them, and the sheep follow him: for they know his voice.”

John 10:4

As the final minutes of 2010 ticktock away, I am encouraged by the Truth that my Shepherd is going before me! I can walk ahead with confidence in His leading!

My Shepherd is not just any shepherd but “the Good Shepherd.” (John 10:11) A Shepherd who loves me so deeply, so completely, so much so that He gave His life for me. A Shepherd who will lovingly lead me in pastures green, beside still waters from which I can find refreshment. A Shepherd who will keep me  from paths I shouldn’t tread and go before me on those I should.

I can enter 2011 following my Shepherd knowing that He will never lead me astray! Knowing that He has my best interests in mind, that He “will give that which is good” (Psalm 85:12) for me just as He has done in 2010!

Happy New Year, Friends!



One Response to “58 Minutes…”

  1. Uncle Joe January 1, 2011 at 6:57 am #

    What a great way to start 2011, getting to read a great post from you. It truly blessed my heart this morning.

    Love you
    Uncle Joe

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