Gazing upon our God Incarnate

30 Nov

One of the busiest days the little town had ever known had finally come to an end. The once bustling streets were quiet. Exhausted donkeys were enjoying a bit of respite from their journeys. The inns lining the small dirt streets were packed to capacity. Caesar’s decree for a census if not good for anything else would be good for business. Those who made their homes in Bethlehem were finishing up the day’s tasks and those in town to be counted were resting from the long trip to this City of David. It was just another day that turned into another night.

But as the busyness of that day faded into the stillness of night, something extraordinary was going unnoticed.  A young virgin was anticipating the arrival of  her firstborn son while she rested in a dusty stable because there was no room for her or her espoused husband in the crowded inn. The conditions were less than favorable for Mary but Bethlehem was to be the place where she would deliver. She did indeed deliver that starry night and instead of a carefully crafted cradle her sweet carpenter husband could’ve made for her she laid her baby in a feeding trough full of hay.

As the townspeople went about their lives unaware, this baby, who wasn’t just an ordinary baby but the long-awaited Jesus, quietly entered the world He created a few thousand years before. He came to redeem those that were in such desperate need of redemption. He came to change the rest of history and the lives of those who for thousands of years to come would have the precious privilege of knowing Him as Savior.  

He came and they missed it as I’m afraid we miss His coming, His appearing in our lives everyday. We’re so busy with life that we miss Life Himself as He quietly waits for us to realize Who He really is. It’s easy to do because after all there’s so much to do! But as we hurriedly rush through the day, we fail to pause for a few minutes just to gaze upon Him. Gaze upon the baby in the manger, God in flesh, Salvation in human form. Gaze upon the boy who increased in wisdom and stature. Gaze upon the miracle-working man from Nazareth who befriended common fisherman and made eternal impacts on those He came into contact with. Gaze upon a bleeding, broken Sacrifice as He hung for your sins and mine. Gaze upon a Resurrected Redeemer ascending back to His Father. Gaze upon the daily and detailed workings of a very Personal Savior.

He has challenged my heart to stop and gaze upon all that He is and to begin by making sure I don’t miss the wonder of the manger this Christmas!

“And she brought forth her first-born son, and wrapped him in swaddling clothes, and laid him in a manger; because there was no room for them in the inn.”

Luke 2:7


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