An Alphabet of Thankfulness

7 Nov

Abundant life lived because He died and rose again, lived because He rescued me from the mess I’d made!

Beloved Scripture verses that bring strength when I’m weak.

Christ’s presence in my life each and every moment.

Divine appointments planned with love by my Lord.

Everything He is to me, in all seasons, at all times.

Fruit of the Spirit evident not nearly as much as I wish it was, but evident because of His work in me.

Gospel tracts in my purse and the freedom to share the Good News of Jesus.

Hope for tomorrow because He’s already there.

Incredible blessings that He loads my life with!

Joy in the journey because of Jesus.

Knowing what it’s like to be 100% sure that I’m exactly where He wants me!

Love everlasting regardless of my sin, in spite of myself.

Making requests to Him and being sure that He hears them!

Never needing to wonder if He will provide because He’s proven faithful time and time again.

Open invitation into the Throne Room!

Prayers answered with yes and prayers answered with no.

Quiet times with my Lord.

Rest granted though storms may surround me.

Salvation full and free.

Telling others of what He’s done for me and never tiring of the story.

Understanding that His plan is best though it is nothing like what I envisioned.

Very Present Help in trouble.

Walking with Jesus each step of the way.

Xcepting His plan with great anticipation!

Yearning deep within to know more of Him.

Zillions of other gracious gifts from God that time won’t allow me to list!

“Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above…”

James 1:17


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