Remembering What God Did

11 Oct

In Deuteronomy chapter seven, the Lord is preparing the Children of Israel for their entrance into a land they’ve been waiting to inhabit for many years.

With slavery behind them and the Promised Land ahead, He knew the hearts of His people would be filled with a mix of emotions.

Excited yet afraid of what the unknown held for them.

Somehow the wandering that had once been monotonous now seemed comfortable.

Fear gripped their hearts.

Questions filled their minds.

What would it be like?

After all, the reports from the spies, save Joshua’s and Caleb’s, were far from positive.

Milk and honey sounded great as did grapes too big to carry but living in a land with people stronger than they were quickly canceled out any attraction that may have made the new land look appealing.

Forty years of wandering were coming to a close, but an unknown land awaited them. I think you could say this season in their lives was bittersweet.

So many times, the Lord has used the account of the Israelites to parallel my own life.  

Though beyond ready for a new season, the unknowns of the next can be paralyzing at times.

Where will this road take me? What will it be like when I get there?

I go back and forth between wishing I could push the fast forward button and feeling like the Israelites in Numbers 14:1,  And all the congregation lifted up their voice, and cried; and the people wept that night.

Some days there’s excitement I can barely contain, dreaming of the day when I finally arrive in the place I’ve longed for. Other times there are tears and worries of not being good enough when I get there.

Then I discover the Lord’s admonition in verse 18,

“Thou shalt not be afraid of them: but shalt well remember what the LORD thy God did unto Pharaoh, and unto all Egypt;”

It’s here that I find the secret to keeping the fear of the future from robbing me of the joy He has in store.

“Thou..shalt well remember what the Lord thy God did…”

When looking back to seasons passed, I find Him faithful.

His Word urges me to remember His faithfulness and trust that He’ll be tomorrow what He was yesterday.

He called the Israelites to remember His faithfulness when He led them through the Red Sea upon dry ground.

He called them to remember His faithfulness when they found their bellies full with manna when they should have been starving and feet protected by shoes that should have worn out years prior.

He called them to remember the pillar of cloud that guided them by day and the pillar of fire that provided direction by night.

He called them to remember Who He was and Who He would continue to be when their wanderings ceased and their feet crossed into Canaan.

In fact, the phrase “well remember” is actually a repetition in Hebrew. Both well and remember come from the word zakar meaning to mark, recount, bring to remembrance.

He was driving His point home. In essence, He was saying “Remember! Remember!”

He reminds them of His “mighty hand and stretched out arm” (v.19) that had brought them out of slavery and through the wilderness.

He reminds them that He would forever be faithful giving them the courage they needed to possess the Land He had so lovingly prepared for them.

 It’s that same reminder that helps me remember and trust His faithfulness as I anticipate the changes to come in the days, months and years ahead!

  “Faithful is He that calleth you, who also will do it.”

1 Thessalonians 5:24


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