A Better Yes

8 Sep

“Every no from God is because there is ultimately a better yes.”  ~ Beth Moore

When it comes to praying for healing or even for praying that we will be spared from sickness or trial in the first place, we pray desiring a “Yes.”

A “Yes, child, I will heal you.” A “Yes, you can enjoy a season of continued freedom from pain.”

But sometimes His answer is “No.”

In our human thinking, we associate “No.” with negative. “No.” with it’s not fair and I must be getting punished.

But often God’s “No.” is a blessing in disguise. His “No.” is not a punishment but a pathway to a place where we know Him and what it means to truly trust Him. “No.” means there’s a better “Yes.” coming.

I am thinking of my dear friends from Kentucky tonight as they prepare for a visit to the specialist tomorrow morning.

I am thinking of a young mother from North Carolina who just received a lung cancer diagnosis though she’s never smoked a day in her life.

I’m sure they are longing for a “Yes.” though the answer right now seems to be “No.” Longing for relief from these trials they’ve been given to walk through.

The Lord, in His goodness, is trusting them with dreaded diseases knowing they will use them to bring Him glory. He wants to show Himself strong and reveal His better “Yes.” in a way they never thought possible.

I am praying that Jesus will be real and near to them as they walk the road of “No” awaiting their better “Yes.”

Please pray with me that they will know His grace and peace in the waiting.

A better “Yes.” is on it’s way!

  “…The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.”

James 5:16


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