Building the Roof and Staying Under It

30 Jul

In an age of love that fades as quickly as it comes, marriages that last maybe a year if we’re lucky, we have lost sight of what it means to love without limitations.

 As our society has grown accustomed to microwave meals and the world at our fingertips with the click of a mouse, we’re not much on waiting or being patient for anything. We want it now and keep it only as long as it’s cooperating as it should (or more accurately as we think it should).

But in verse seven of this Love chapter, we find that God’s view of love is much different from ours.

“Charity…beareth all things…endureth all things.”

Much like two book ends that serve equally important purposes and are each quite dependent upon the other, these two characteristics of love are equally important, each depending on the other to be successful.

As I’ve found with many of the words I’ve studied in this chapter and throughout Scripture, they often mean much more than they appear to at first. When simply reading through this passage, my thinking was that to bear with something and to endure something mean pretty much the same thing, but I was about to be eternally impacted by their definitions.

The word “beareth” has the idea of building a roof over something or covering it. While the word “endureth” means to stay under, to continue standing in a given place, having the fortitude to persevere through trial.

As a picture this structure, I envision a porch, a place with a roof but without walls surrounding the outside. A place of refuge and protection when a sudden storm releases it’s water upon the earth, but also a place where getting wet is a possibility if the storm includes wind which will blow the pouring rain in unwelcomed.

To truly love someone means building the roof and staying under it even when (not if!)  it means getting wet.

Love is the porch on which to enjoy days of sunshine when warm breezes blow. It is a most wonderful place to be! But love is also the porch on which to stand clinging to one another as the storms of life threaten. As thunder crashes and lightning strikes, the porch is probably the last place you want to be, but my Bible tells me that to truly love I will stay under the roof I’ve built regardless of the conditions or circumstances.

As we learned from verse 4, love takes work, love is a full-time job. A job that doesn’t cease when tough times come, but rather is needed all the more. To love is to furnish what is needed, and when the ones we love the most are facing trial or maybe even when they seem to be the source of our trial, we are to do just that. To the point of standing with them on the porch though it entails being subject to the elements.

Love is building the roof and staying under it, NO MATTER WHAT.

This Truth has blessed me abundantly with today marking five years since my Lord called me to stand with Him under the porch He so lovingly built for me.

He watched as I walked my own road, without protection from the Storm of selfishness and sin that surrounded me. He watched. He waited. He waited as He whispered my name, calling for me, longing for me. And finally, on that July night, over nearly two thousand days ago, He could wait no longer. He refused to let me settle because He loved me.

So He “drew (me)..with bands of love, and…was to (me) as they that take off the yoke on their jaws, and (He) laid meat unto (me).” Hosea 11:4

Releasing me from bondage and feeding me with the sweetness of His Word, making Scripture more precious to me than ever before.

He “…brought (me) out in His sight.” Deu. 4:37

He knew that trading His plan for my plan wouldn’t be easy. He knew it would be painful, but He held me through it, keeping me “in His sight.”

He brought me out “with a mighty hand, and redeemed (me.)” Deu. 7:8

With the same “mighty hand” that saved me, He “redeemed me” again. This time from myself and from a life lived outside of His Will.

He welcomed me to His porch, a place where He has shown me what it means to be loved “with an everlasting love.”  Jer. 31:3

A place that has had its share of storms. Storms that have proven over and over again that love without limitations does exist. A place that has been Home for 5 of the best years of my life. Years that haven’t been without struggle or straying for though I know His porch was best, my selfish nature tends to creep in.  But each year, each day, He has shown Himself strong, stronger than me, able to hold much tighter than I can to the pen with which He is so beautifully scripting my story. A pen that has the ability to erase, erase my many mistakes, replacing them with grace, mercy, and forgiveness.

He has built a roof over me and under it He stays, day in and day out. Holding me. Teaching me. Loving me that I might learn what it means to build a roof over the one He’s so graciously given me to love, that I might learn to stay under it, serving Him and loving Him with my life and not just with my words.

Today, He is my Lord, my Love, my Everything. And I love Him so very much. Words can’t adequately express what He’s done. I hope He’s shown Himself in your life as He has in mine. I went so long missing out on Who is really is, What He really wanted to be for me.

I love my Lord!

Lord, thank You. Thank You for loving me enough to keep me 
from messing up Your Masterpiece. 
Thank You for giving me the grace to stay under the roof 
even through the Storms. 
I still need You. Five years later, You've grown me a lot, 
a lot in the area of realizing I am desperate without You. 
I love You, Lord. Help me to live "I Love You."



3 Responses to “Building the Roof and Staying Under It”

  1. Lynda Love Clark July 30, 2010 at 4:18 pm #

    One simple word; BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Ashley August 14, 2010 at 12:18 pm #

    I really enjoyed reading this post. It helped me a lot!

    • lovingmylord August 14, 2010 at 12:49 pm #

      Thanks girl! It was such a blessing to see your comments when I checked my blog this afternoon! 🙂 Hope you’re doing well!

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