13 Jul

I have to have them.

As a teacher, I spend 5 days a week carefully following the plans I’ve prepared.

In everyday life, I love to schedule my days using my desk calendar, knowing in advance what time I need to be here and how long I’ll need to be there. I like to plan the long-term, figuring out just when this or that will take place. In fact, my planning or need to have things planned, often ends up driving people, actually, one person in particular, crazy! 🙂

I am a planner by nature and function quite nicely when my plans go, well, according to planned.

I like plans, but I’m finding that life doesn’t always follow the plans I’ve so meticulously laid. And for that I am learning to be grateful!

When it comes to building, we definitely need a plan. Without one, we will accomplish very little, but we must be careful not to do the planning on our own.

We need His help. Though we think we’ve got the planning part covered, we quickly find ourselves plucking down instead of building.

Five years ago, this month, when the plans I had laid for my life crumbled, I realized that I could no longer build on my own. But, still, today, half a decade later, I need a daily reminder.

Reminding that one, building takes time, effort, diligence and two, that I can’t be diligent or effective if I’m not surrendering my hammer to my Master Builder each and every moment. Reminding that no matter how far I think I’ve come, I still make a mess of things on my own.

Reminding that comes from this verse in Psalm one hundred and seven,

“He sent His Word and healed them…”

Reminding that I needed His Word, then, as I sat heart-broken in a pile of ashes, remains of  plans disappointed. That I need it, now, as I stand knowing what it’s like to have been touched by the Healing Hand of God, to be blessed with His Plan for my life, on the threshold of a future serving Him with the Desire of my heart granted!

…and delivered them from their destructions.” verse 20

Reminding that He didn’t deliver me from my plans for me to go back to them and settle for less than His best for my life. He so graciously delivered me from a plan that would have destroyed everything He had so lovingly planned for me! Why return to my plans now?

I love where His Plan has taken me and where It has me headed! I love that He wants nothing more than to do the planning for me, in a way that is “exceeding abundantly above all that (I) ask or think!” Eph. 3:20

When He plans, He doesn’t leave out a single detail.

Every board nailed with care.

Each measurement exact.

The colors matching perfectly.

The furniture arranged just right.

The flowers blooming beautifully in the front yard.

The sweet peace that comes with knowing that where I am had nothing to do with me and EVERYTHING to do with Him.

Plans. When they’re mine, it’s not such a good thing. When they’re His, they’re wonderful.

I think I’ll build my life according to His Plans.

How about you?


One Response to “Plans…”

  1. Megan July 13, 2010 at 9:10 am #

    I really needed your post this morning. Thanks Sissy!
    I am finding myself rejoicing in the fact that where I am had EVERYTHING to do with Him… His Plans are truly WONDERFUL 🙂 I love you!

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