It’s Not Fair,

8 Jun

but it’s fruitful,

And I’m here because He’s faithful,

and because He delights in giving me what’s good even when (and especially when!) it means waiting.

So here, as I find myself where I didn’t expect to be 5 years later, I find His Will a fabulous place to be!

Yesterday, I had a Me day. Not just an I’m a little down kind of day, but a day of full-blown discouragement and doubt. I found myself frustrated, very frustrated, with where I am or rather where I’m not. I spent the day looking at where everyone else is and ended up totally defeated. It was a day of prayers that went something like this, “Lord, It’s not fair!!!!” (I’m so glad He’s so patient with me as is another someone who loves me through my me days! Thank you! 🙂 )

Today began much like yesterday. Lots of tears. An aching heart. But my Loving Lord showed up just as He always does first with a wonderful answer to prayer this morning and then with a very fitting message at church tonight. He knows exactly what I need and gives it so graciously!

When Joseph was sold into Egyptian slavery, it was anything but fair. After all he was only doing what his Father asked him to do as he checked on his brothers that day (Gen. 37:14) . He was an obedient son and yet found himself a slave in a foreign land.

As I looked at the seeming prosperity of others, my thoughts were on how unfair it seemed. Unfair that they have everything I’ve ever wanted and yet don’t seem to live for the Lord. Then He reminds me that I’m here not because it’s fair, but because it is where I can be most fruitful. Fruitful like Joseph was “in the land of (his) affliction.” (Gen. 41:52) As the days turned into years, Joseph settled into a life that I’m sure looked nothing like the life he probably envisioned for himself as a teenager in his homeland. A position of prominence. A family. Opportunities for ministry. Things he never would’ve had without the changes and challenges he faced.

When I look at where I am as opposed to where I planned to be or hoped I would be six years out of high school, the differences are stark. At first glance, it may appear that I haven’t accomplished much, that He hasn’t kept His promise to me, but when I look at it through His eyes I see something beautiful. I see how wonderfully faithful He is! How He has “meant it unto good.” (Gen. 50:20) Every change. Every heartbreak. Every delay in the plan.

Here in a place where I never imagined to be, I find that I am “in the place of God!” (Gen. 50:19) The place where I know the joy of being in His will and the sweetness of serving with the one all of these changes have allowed me to share life with. When I think of all that wouldn’t have been had the things that seem unfair been absent from my life, I am assured that His plan is indeed far more fabulous than anything I’d ever dreamed it would be!

Thank You, Lord, for giving me what seems so unfair yet what far exceeds every hope and dream you placed in my heart! I Love YOU!


One Response to “It’s Not Fair,”

  1. Lynda Love Clark June 9, 2010 at 7:56 am #

    Thanks Sarah – Seems each day reading your message I too have had similiar situations that I allow to take over and then I realize just how blessed I really am and GOD continues to show that to me. Isn’t it wonderful just knowing that GOD is in charge?????????

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