Life is Now

9 Apr

“But godliness with contentment is great gain.”

1 Timothy 6:16

I’ve been reading a great book this week, and though this statement is simple, it struck a chord with me.

Life is now.

 If you’ve known me for any length of time or if you’ve read my testimony, you’ll know how deeply I desire to be a wife and a mother. I truly believe that the Lord placed those desires in my heart and that someday He desires to fulfill them, but this statement has been on my mind since I read it earlier this week.

Life is now.

Not tomorrow. Not next week. Not next year or five years from now.


Today my life holds so much and even though those desires are ever-present in my heart, what He’s given me today is so wonderfully Him.

My teaching. I grow to love it more everyday. I’ve never loved it more than I do this year. My sixth year in the classroom has been my best. I learn much from the 12 lives I am blessed to spend my life with (or at least many hours of my life with)! Though many struggle and must learn differently, they are 12 of the most intelligent people I’ve ever met. I still can’t believe He’s given me such a privilege, but each day I seek to be all there. I teach asking Him to prepare me, to make me the kind of teacher that can one day teach my children in the ways of the Lord.

My family. Tonight we ate dinner together (which doesn’t happen often though we all live in the same house!) and the laughter and fellowship was so precious. My sister’s spunk and hilarious comments. My Daddy’s care for his girls. My Mama’s presence. The Lord spoke to me, “Child, life is now.” Yes, soon I’d love to be eating dinner with a family of my own, but He’s teaching me that Life is now.

My grandparents. I’ve blogged about them often, but they mean more to me than words can describe. I sat with my Granny today discussing how good God has been to us, so good, working in the details kind of good. Their wisdom is invaluable. I sit with them asking the Lord to engrave upon my heart the lessons they teach. I steal their recipes though I’ll never come close to cooking with the ease and skill they do. My Granny makes a mean meatloaf and last night I enjoyed my Mamal’s famous tuna fish with cucumber sandwich for dinner! And I even steal their clothes and jewelry! (My MomMom is one of the most fashionable 70 year old’s in America!) My Pop Pop has a quiet strength, and though he rarely speaks, the Lord has taught me much by his example.

My Daniel. A godly young man with a desire to serve His God and the kids in his care. A great teacher.  A student of Scripture. An athlete (don’t ask me how he got someone without an athletic bone in her body! Opposites attract, I guess!).  A city boy through and through who wonders where all the sidewalks went after moving from Michigan to Amish country (Again how did we end up together when I grew up in a town (in the loosest sense of the word!) with only one red light and not one single sidewalk? Because God is SO VERY GOOD!). The one I almost thought didn’t exist. My best friend. Someone to serve with. The desire of my heart.

My life. Blessed by a God that has been, is, and will continue to be eternally faithful to me. As He’s working out His plan in my life in His way and in His time, I am learning that life is now. Though not without it’s me days, it’s valleys, or trials, my life is wonderfully good.

Time would fail me to list each and every part of my life that makes it what it is.

Life is now. I have today, and today I am seeking to truly have it. To cherish it. To love those in my life deeply. To serve my Lord faithfully. To learn and continue learning even when my heart is aching to be there that life is NOW.

He didn’t deliver me from my own plans in July 2005 for no reason. He delivered me from my plans that He would have 5 years and the years to follow to use in teaching me lessons such as these.

So I’ll seek to stay in Bible, daily, that I might know contentment and the great gain that comes with it.

How quickly the last 6 years since graduation have flown and it’s time for me to learn that life is now.


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