Still Reveling in the Resurrection

6 Apr

“He is not here, but is RISEN.”  Luke 24:6

“Jesus said unto her, I am the Resurrection and the Life…”  John 11:25 

Though Easter Sunday has come and gone just as quickly as it came, I am still reveling in the Resurrection today.

As the sun rose on Easter morning, it was about more than the eggs and candy though they were a fun addition to a wonderful day. More because the Son rose over 2,000 years ago giving a fallen race an opportunity to be restored. Giving those spiritually dead the blessed privilege of life.

My Easter Sunday began with a Sunrise service followed by teaching Sunday School and the regular Sunday Morning Service. The messages in both services (at two different places!) were similar confirming  the wonder of the Lord’s working.

The theme of both was that if there had been no Resurrection our faith would be in vain. Taking their text from 1 Corinthians chapter fifteen,

“And IF Christ be not raised, your faith is vain; ye are yet in your sins.” (v.17)

It is because of His Resurrection, that we can trust Him for salvation. Yes, it was His blood that provides forgiveness and cleanses from sin, but without His Resurrection He would have been a liar. And how could we trust One who didn’t keep His word?

  As Peter and the beloved disciple approached the tomb on the first day of the week, their hearts were heavy. They had given up their nets, their families, their lives for this man and now He was gone, dead, buried inside Joseph’s garden tomb. Can you imagine how they felt?

As two men made the trek to Emmaus, they conversed with a stranger about their hope deferred. Surely their hearts were sick and their future more uncertain than it had been a few days earlier.  “But we trusted..(Him)” (Luke 24:21) they shared their disappointment with the man accompanying them. “He said He’d rise in three days and “…today is the third day since these things were done.” (Luke 24:21) Not only had their Lord been crucified, but the promised return hadn’t happened and it was day three.

But thankfully, He did keep His word. He kept it to prove that He was who He said He was and to give us life eternal in addition to the forgiveness of the horrible sin that condemned us to death.

Peter and John didn’t find Who they were looking for that morning, but they found something greater. They saw the linen clothes lying free from the Body they were used to wrap up just three days earlier. Their Lord was gone just like He had promised!

The Emmaus Road walkers had their discouragement turned to joy when the stranger who seemed so knowledgeable in the Scriptures broke bread (Luke 24:30) with them opening their eyes to Who He really was.

We find these men and the other followers of Jesus in the book of Acts still reveling in the Resurrection as they continued to give up their lives to find them. We see them preaching the only message they knew, Christ was Who He said He was, Christ had risen from the dead! 

I am thankful that the message of Easter isn’t limited to one Sunday in the Spring.

I am thankful that we can still revel in His Resurrection today!


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