OH What a Blessing is The Blood!

2 Apr

“Without shedding of blood there is no remission.”

Hebrews 9:22

Oh Precious is the Flow that makes ME white as snow, No other fount I know, NOTHING but the BLOOD of JESUS

What can wash away my sin?


What can make me whole again?


What can for my SIN atone?


The Blood. I’ve been thinking a lot about His Blood, His Suffering, His Sacrifice. I read this verse in Isaiah yesterday and have been pondering it today.

“…His visage was so marred more than any man, and his form more than the sons of men:”

Isaiah 52:14 

He was marred for me.

The word marred literally means disfigured in Hebrew.

As the crowd of onlookers gazed upon Jesus that day, it wasn’t His appearance by which they recognized Him. The broken and bleeding body hanging upon the wooden cross looked nothing like the man who had rode into town with a welcome of praise and palm leaves not too many days earlier. In fact, I believe if it hadn’t been for the crown of thorns upon his head and the sign nailed at the top of the cross he may have been unrecognizable.

His bruised body, wounded hands, feet, and side may not have meant much to those surrounding the cross that day, but today we know how much (oh how much!) it meant. We know that the bruises mean freedom from the iniquity we all have filling our hearts. The wounds speak of the countless times we’ve transgressed against our Lord and of how we don’t have to bear the punishment for those transgressions since He has already borne it.

The blood that fell from a sinless man who had spent thirty-three and half years dwelling with the fallen creatures He created provides salvation today. From the first drop that fell from His labored prayers in the Garden to the blood that covered His back each time the cat-of-nine-tails tore His flesh from it to the blood streaming down His precious head as the piercing thorns punctured my Lord, each and every ounce of it was shed that He might redeem and restore what was lost in a different Garden thousands of years prior. Shed that a people who would otherwise never know peace could know the calm assurance it brings.  Shed that a people who would otherwise live within the grip of the grief that sin brings could know the relief of grace.

Oh what a blessing is the Blood!


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