30 Mar

… is our life …”

 Colossians 3:4

And I cannot imagine life without Him.

Can you?

I can’t (and don’t want to!..and don’t have too!) imagine…

waking up in the morning and beginning a day without kneeling in the quiet darkness to thank Him for sweet sleep during the night and sufficient strength for the day ahead!

traveling to work without His protection and safety!

looking  at the sunrise, the trees, the flowers, the raindrops on the windshield and not knowing that the skillful hands of the Creator gave each and every one of them!

going throughout the days, weeks and months that can sometimes become monotonous without His joy in my journey!

not knowing what it’s like to share fellowship with Jesus through His Word and the assurance of His Spirit!

living without His grace and forgiveness!

having to face tomorrow without the certainty of my Savior’s sovereign work in my life!

The word life here comes from a Greek word comparable to the word psuche meaning breath.

He truly is the breath that I breathe! He is everything to me. He gives a reason to live and a reason to strive to be better! It is in Him I “live and move and have (my) being.” Acts 17:28

May I live a life pleasing and glorifying to the One who is my Life! I am beyond grateful that I don’t have to live life without Him!


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