The Bend in the Road

10 Mar

Finally some good news to share! Sometimes it takes patience and prayer, but the Lord always comes through in His perfect way, in His time! I’ve posted the email below!

 Praise be to our GOD who is so great!!!!!!!!!!   Hello to all family, friends and prayer warriors………….

 I come to today to share some uplifting news and in good spirit.

Last evening they removed the breathing ventilator and not immediately, but Jarrett had some labored breathing, lots of anxiety and they were on stand-by for the full-mask – appeared to be very very weak and labored!!!  We just prayed.

………..  And by the grace of GOD’s goodness Jarrett remains off the ventilator – had some ice chips and even managed to wolf down a popsicle (something he does not eat at home).

He was asking lots of questions to various doctors and nurses about what had happened to him.  They removed one of the chest tubes and stitched it right in the bed without giving him anything and he flinched a little, but just took it.  Now tell me that GOD does not have Jarrett wrapped in his arms and embracing him!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Assistant surgeon (from open-heart) stopped by (not routine) and he shared that he had assisted with many many surgeries and patients and he had never witness anyone as sick as Jarrett and with all the organs shut down and for him to survive…………..  Now once again is the power of prayer and how GOD has orchestrated it all and he remains in charge and he is going to make sure Jarrett fulfills what he has planned for him.

Jarrett ran a very close race, and at times our faith was tested, but GOD continues to be good and is walking right beside Jarrett.

Even though his voice is struggling (from having the tubes in so long) he even asked when he would be leaving ICU and wanted his Pop to bear witness to all the incisions and scar all over his body.

So he is perking up and we have hit a big mile-stone and hopefully turning the bend-in-the-road.

 Despite many bumps, uncertainty, and fear, our God remains our constant Refuge and shows Himself strong as Jarrett continues down the road of healing! Thank you for continuing in prayer for him!

 *I’ll return with a normal post tomorrow night!*


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