Not a Good Weekend…

7 Mar

for Jarrett.

Please continue to labor in prayer for him and for his family as they continue to walk this long road to recovery. I can’t  imagine how heavy the burden is that they must carry, but I am so thankful that our Loving Lord has gone before them and knows that each step they take has His perfect purpose behind it.

 I have posted the most recent email update below:

Jarrett has not had a good week-end!!!!    Friday evening it was decided it was time to remove the breathing tube as well as the tube in the nose.  They tried several methods to help Jarrett with the breathing, but he labored so.  At times it appeared his chest was going to jump out of his body.  He had a lot of anxiety and was very upset as he mouthed HELP ME   Now that is too too hard to watch.  Early Saturday morning they had to put the breathing tube back in as well as the nose tube.  With the full mask on he was dry heaving and throwing up he has now loosen several of his chest incisions and they are seeping a lot.  Some of the other incisions are red and inflamed.  His breathing is, however some better and they have him medicated and sedated and he appears to be resting some better.  Still we have been able to have very little communication with him.  His body is so limp its like flesh hanging on bones when they try to lift him and turn him.  Late last evening they put another tube in the nose that goes further down in the hopes to be able to feed him through this one ( which will be formula of course)  The food will have to be in some very small doses as he has not had anything on his stomach for some time.
Also last evening or very early this Sunday morning it was discovered that Jarrett now has a questionable rash thru his hair and on his face.

As it was late, they did not have anyone from infectious disease to examine, they will do so today.
Our fear at present is that rash was one of the earlier signs when we were notified of his having Endocarditis – so we are very very concerned as are they.
So my prayer is that he does not have this to return.  The lung culture did return as postive and was determined it was a bacterial infection, but different from the Endocarditis – but we are oh so frightened.
So again and again I ask for your continued prayers to reach out to GOD seeking his continued watch over Jarrett and to heal his body and restore his health and allow us to bring him home.
Being told there are going to be bumps and that we have to be in there for the long-haul you hear what they are saying, but each time it happens you just naturally hit your PANIC button.
GOD is good and we remain faithful to him, but please continue to pray for my Jarrett.

I pray that this week will bring updates of progress in Jarrett’s condition and strength for his family’s weary hearts. Thank you for helping me pray!


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