A Good Week :)

5 Mar

An odd title considering my last post, but despite the lack of good in my heart aside from Christ, He has made my week, my day, my life so very good!

A week of typical activities but a good week at that!

This morning, I wasn’t looking at my week this way, but my Loving Lord did what He does best, strengthening my heart with the strength of familiar yet powerful verses of Scripture.

Discouraged and impatient, He reminded me of 1 Thessalonians 5:24.

“Faithful is He that calleth you; who also will do it.”

He’s faithful. Of course, I knew that! But I’d lost sight of it until He gently reminded me.

He will do it. Not maybe.  Not if He feels like it. He WILL. I knew that too. But the reminder sure did make this portion of this journey called life a lot easier and a lot sweeter!

Though one verse would’ve been sufficient in bringing the encouragement I needed so desperately, I thought of Psalm 37:5.

“Commit thy way unto the Lord; trust also in Him; and He shall bring it to pass.”

Another word assuring me of the certainty of trusting Him. He SHALL. Not He might. Not it’s likely. But He SHALL!

I love my Lord! 🙂

I am thankful that a way committed to Him is a way guaranteed to come out successful in the end!

Praying you have a weekend full of His goodness! Enjoy the warmer temperatures, a sure sign of spring! 🙂


Dear praying friends, keep praying! Here’s the latest on Jarrett:

Jarrett has another ‘bump-in-the-road’ as one of the cultures came back and fluid on the lungs is positive and he has ‘another’ bacterial infection.  They are telling us it is not the same as previous, but anytime we hear the word “bacterial” it’s a major concern.  So please be prayerful this will heal soon.  They continue to drain fluid through the tubes that were inserted with surgery on Monday.  As he now has pneumonia again they are trying to turn him through-out the day.
From coughing so much as he tries to clear off this puss that’s surrounding the lungs – the stitching from open heart surgery has broken loose and he continues to seep there a lot saturating the dressings, but hopefully no infection.  The incision looks good (for an incision).  He still has the breathing tube and the tube in his nose.

They have to be careful with their selection of antibiotic as Jarrett had a bad reaction to two different ones that were very strong and what is needed to rid the bacterial infection- so our prayer is to find one that works and one that works quickly.
He did manage to write a note last evening (letters were all over the page) wanting to know when they were going to take out the tubes and that’s a positive.  We just need to see a lot more of those.
He remains in ICU and he continues to fight!!!!  We were advised there were going to be a lot of bumps-in-the-road, but I guess we were just not prepared for the severity of some of those bumps.
But GOD is good – and he continues to be right there watching over Jarrett and he is hearing and listening to all the prayers for Jarrett.
I thank you so for your faithful prayers and your support and your well wishes for Jarrett and for the cards.
Please please continue to lift Jarrett in prayer as he continues with this long up-hill battle.


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