More on Jarrett

2 Mar

Yesterday Jarrett had another surgery to remove the blood clot. I think the update comes best from Linda so I’ll post the email below:

Hello to all family and friends and our faithful prayer warriors…..
        GOD is truly good!!!!!!!!!!!
The surgery yesterday went according to plan (GOD orchestrated) and the lung specialist feels confident that by inserting the additional four drain tubes this is going to work.  He had prepared us that he might have to make an incision the size of a hand and go in there and pull out the clot as well as the liquid – but GOD had a different plan!!!!!
They were able to work through one of the tubes that was already there (and that was helpful).  He remains on continuous dialysis, but they have to continue stopping the machine as Jarrett’s blood clots and the machine cannot continue.  Normally they give the blood thinner through this, but are unable to do so with Jarrett as he is a bleeder because of all the previous multiple surgeries.
Lung specialist said he was able to inflate the lung and also the right which has the lower lobe collapsed.
When he returned from surgery yesterday (which was from 2:00 P.M.
to 5:15 P.M.) at which time we saw him just before the shift change for about three minutes prior to 7, but were allowed to go in after 8.
Jarrett looks really really rough and it is extremely painful to watch and be so helpless.  The evening before and the morning of Jarrett
was throwing up again.  Our prayer is that The procedure of yesterday does work completely and soon Jarrett’s organs start to function on their own and that we are on the road to recovery.  Doctors have prepared us that it is going to be a long one and to be in there for the long haul – but GOD is good and he may have a different plan the physicians have not been made aware of.  As the surgeon openly admitted he was not prepared for what he found when he opened up Jarrett with the conditions of his heart, and that Jarrett’s survival was truly a miracle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  But GOD was right there through it all working another miracle for all of us to witness.  We serve an awesome GOD!!!!!!!!!!!
Jarrett does have the breathing tube (returned at the last surgery) also has the tubes from the nose.  They have been and hopefully will continue to keep him heavily sedated so that he does not feel the pain, nor is he bothered so much by all these tubes coming from his body.

 So we can praise the Lord for the work He has done in the last few days and what He will continue to do!

Thank you for your continued prayers! I know the Lord is using this trial to do great things! I am excited about what the Lord has in store and how He will use Jarrett’s testimony when this ordeal is over!

*I will pick up with a normal post tomorrow!*


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