Keep Praying…

27 Feb

We just read this email sent a half hour ago:

We have the need for more and more special prayers for my Jarrett.  Things are not going well here at Johns Hopkins with Jarrett.  He has been having a lot of difficulty breathing and we have just learned that the lower left lung has collapsed.  Not sure just what they called the treatment, but they have plans to do a treatment in the hopes of restoring it- so please ask GOD to give Jarrett strength to continue to be brave and to fight and ask our GOD to restore his health and to be here with him.  We still have the blood clot on that lung as they were not successful in sucking it out and that may have to be surgically removed.
All my prayer warriors I cry as I write this and that is because I am so frightened and I just don’t know what to do but I am requesting your help to send all the prayers up to heaven.  All of Jarrett’s levels are increasing and his blood pressure is up.
Jarrett needs your prayers.

I can’t imagine how hopeless Linda and the rest of their family are feeling right now, but I am so grateful for the hope that Jesus brings to even the darkest of valleys. 

PLEASE keep praying!


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