Praising Him

26 Feb

Praising Him for guiding the doctor’s hands in what ended up being an eleven hour surgery. Praising Him for what the doctor himself is calling a miracle.

Below is an excerpt from the email update we received last night:

Jarrett did have his surgery today.  He went into the operating room at 8:30 this morning and came out at 7:30 p.m.  We are waiting to see him as they are cleaning him up.  The surgeon said he was pleased, but they found a lot more than originally thought. He told us that the surgery was a “miracle” and basically he had saved a life today!!!  He said that the bottom of Jarrett’s heart looked like a bomb went off and that the blood was emptying into the lungs.  It was a complicated and risky surgery – but something they needed to.  We came very close to losing Jarrett and its  miracle that he is with us today.  The next 12 hours are very critical for just the bleeding issue alone.
so my plead and request is that your please please please continue to pray and pray very hard for my Jarrett.  as we need to get him through this critical time.  So God has already intervened in getting him this far and we need to send out all the prayer warriors and pray him through this next 24 hours.

 The most recent update from this morning:

We are still here through the night and keeping vigil by Jarrett’s bedside.  We are soon in the 12th hour.  Jarrett has lost a lot of blood and they seem to think that is somewhat normal due to the extensive surgery and the length of time he was in OR.  He has become very very agitated since around 3:00 AM.  they have increased his meds in the hopes to make him more restful.  From what we can read with some of his expressions he does not like the tube in his mouth or any parts thereof, but that will remain for a few days.We were afraid to leave the hospital so we are still here by his bedside.  They are trying to make him comfortable.  We are not by any chance home free and will not be for a while, but GOD continues to make his presence known and that is a beautiful thing.
Jarrett still needs prayers and the love and support of all.  I thank you each and everyone for your prayers.  The fact that the Surgeon told us that he truly saved a life and that his survival was truly a miracle is our proof of yours and our prayers and that GOD hears and he is answering them.

Praising Him for being big enough to heal completely when situations seem beyond repair!

As Linda noted, Jarrett is not quite “out of the woods,” but may we not neglect to see what a GREAT THING God did yesterday while continuing to pray for his complete recovery.

Can you imagine life without prayer? Without the sweet communion we are privileged to enjoy with the very Creator of the Universe through our Savior’s death upon the cross?

If there is one thing I struggle with the most in my life, it has been cultivating a more disciplined prayer life, but I still cannot imagine having to go through life, through a day or even an hour without the opportunity to pray.

From “Lord, give me energy to get through the day.” to “Lord, where should I go from here? Is this your will for me?” From prayers for the healing of those facing sickness to prayers for contentment and joy in the journey. Prayers for forgiveness and grace. Prayers for protection and safety.

Such a privilege is prayer!

In 1 Thessalonians 5:17, we find the words, “pray without ceasing.” An admonition to make prayer a constant part of everyday. Most often we reserve scheduled prayer times upon getting up in the morning , before a meal or or before bed at night, but I believe that this verse is the key that will unlock the door to joyful living.

When searching for more on prayer, I found this in a sermon of Charles Spurgeon’s that finds it’s text in 1 Thessalonians 5:17,  preached nearly 138 years ago on March 10, 1872.

THE POSITION OF OUR TEXT is very suggestive. Observe what it follows. It comes immediately after the precept, “Rejoice evermore;” as if that command had somewhat staggered the reader, and made him ask “How can I always rejoice?” and, therefore, the apostle appended as answer, “Always pray.” The more praying the more rejoicing. Prayer gives a channel to the pent-up sorrows of the soul, they flow away, and in their stead streams of sacred delight pour into the heart. At the same time the more rejoicing the more praying; when the heart is in a quiet condition, and full of joy in the Lord, then also will it be sure to draw nigh unto the Lord in worship. Holy joy and prayer act and react upon each other.

Words spoken so long ago yet never more applicable.

How can we have His perfect peace?

How can we find joy in a sometimes not so joyful journey?

 How can we praise Him when we’re sitting by the bedside of one who is suffering?

Through the precious privilege of prayer.

Praising Him for the peace that prayer brings and for His provision in bringing Jarrett safely through.

Keep praying!


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