A Bump in the Road

26 Feb

Receiving this heartbreaking email tonight was not on my to-do list! My heart breaks for Linda and the rest of their family as they watch Jarrett suffer this setback.

We still remain here at Johns Hopkins with Jarrett and I need some special prayers again for Jarrett.  We have come upon a BIG bump and it’s not good!!!  Jarrett has developed a blood clot on the left side.  As I am writing this, they are making an incision in Jarrett’s chest and inserting a tube in the hopes of sucking out the blood clot.  We should know shortly if this very treatment works and if not they will leave the tube in for a few days and then try again and if this is not successful completely – then Jarrett goes back into the operating room for another surgery to remove the clot.
so I ask for some special prayers that the surgeon to be successful with the tube insertion and that GOD not have us return to the operating room!!!!!
This just took the wind out of our sail, as earlier the reports we have been receiving indicated that the numbers looked good.  Now they are telling us that this being such an extensive and long surgery, there are going to be a lot of bumps in the road before Jarrett get to recovery.  He is hurting so – but not nearly as much as our hearts ache to just sit here helpless unable to help him and watching him and loving him so.  I do truly know that GOD is in complete control and  do believe that he will help my Jarrett and restore his health.  He continues to be fighting and we just need all the prayer warriors to just pray pray.

  But just as God knew He would bring Jarrett safely through yesterday’s eleven hour surgery, He knew He would encounter this bump. He has heard (and continues to!) every prayer and witnessed every tear.

Please pray that He’ll enable Jarrett to make it safely over this bump and on to continued recovery.


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