He’s Holding My Hand

9 Feb

I held her hand as we slowly and carefully made our way down the steep ice-covered stairs.

She was ok with it for a minute or two but by the time we reached the landing she had tired of it.

At the bottom, she saw it…the perfect opportunity to break free and move at her own pace…she wriggled her fingers from my grasp and took off.

 What she didn’t know was that the ice that covered the stairs also covered the sidewalk she was running on.

Thankfully, I saw it even though she didn’t.

I grabbed her hand just before she slipped.

She struggled to pull away.

“I want to run.” she said with confidence.

I explained that it would be better to hold my hand so she didn’t fall and hurt herself, but as I lectured, the Lord was speaking softly to me.

He reminded me of my desire to run ahead of Him when He wants to hold my hand.

I depend on Him during the really scary times, those seasons of life when a flight of steep stairs is before me, but as soon as things look better, I think I can handle it on my own.

I feel His restraining Hand as He cautions me to walk wisely, slowly, carefully.

I want to rush ahead, get to point B in a decent amount of time. In truth, I don’t want to wait.

 I’ve already made it down the stairs. Haven’t I learned my lesson? Don’t I know enough to move ahead on my own by now?

I think I have, but He knows me better than I know myself. He knows I’ll never be without the need to learn more from Him. He knows I need His Hand gently gripping mine, guiding me to Point B in His time, in His way.

He’ll help me down the stairs and across the icy pathways of life. I’ll walk by His side, at His pace, and learn much along the way though it means moving slower than I’d like to. I’ll make it because He’s holding my hand.

 ” For I the LORD thy God will hold thy right hand,

saying unto thee, Fear not; I will help thee.”  

Isaiah 41:13

*I should know better than to try to stay consistent with a series!
I just had to share this lesson with you tonight.
I promise to get back to our Psalm 119 study soon!* 🙂

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