The Word-Filled Life Part III

5 Feb

In my last post, I ended with verse 38, but I skipped over verses 36 and 37.  Not realizing this, I was reading through this passage again and spent my entire study dissecting these two verses. I was so blessed and challenged by the help I received from them! Tonight, I’ll share my thoughts on verse 36 with you.

 “Incline my heart unto thy testimonies, and not to covetousness.” verse 36

One of the most familiar verses pertaining to covetousness is found in Exodus 20:17 as one of the ten commandments. It’s probably the one that I struggle with the most thus the one I need His help with the most. I am grateful for the correction, challenge, and courage found in the Word.

I have found that the opposite of covetousness is contentment. Over the last 4.5 years, as I’ve embarked on a journey in which He’s been teaching me to find joy, He often brings me back to verses that deal with contentment. Contentment is the key that unlocks the door leading to a joy-filled life.

So now that we’ve established the need for a contented heart to keep us from covetousness and lead us to joy, we need to find out how to get there. We find the answer in verse 36.

The only way to a truly contented heart is to be satisfied by the Word. A contented, joy-filled life is found through the Word-filled life.

The Psalmist uses the word incline in verse 36 meaning to stretch, bend, cause to yield.

When I’m not consistent with my Bible time, I am much more apt to want what is not mine to want my way. I am much less apt to yield. Without time with the Lord, I am much less pliable and don’t bend as easily towards His will for my life. I begin to think I know what’s best.

On other hand, when my heart is bending towards my Savior through daily time in Scripture, I have a heart yielded to His molding, that is content with whatever He choses to do or not to do. I realize that if He gives it, I need it and that if He withholds it, I don’t! I respond with His joy in the midst of waiting. I view life through His eyes. I trust His heart more fully as I see the workings of His Hand more clearly. I have a heart fully aware of His position as Potter and my position as clay.

This lesson is nothing new, but I have a feeling it will be lesson I am taught over and over as this journey continues. To be content and not covetous, to be joyful and not gloomy, I must have a heart inclined to His testimonies.


One Response to “The Word-Filled Life Part III”

  1. Uncle Joe February 6, 2010 at 1:49 am #

    In Phil. 4:11 the Apostle Paul wrote I have learned…to be content. It isn’t something that comes naturally, but something we have to learn. And some of us have learn it over and over. As you pointed out, we learn it through His word. Thanks for this post.

    Love you
    Uncle Joe

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