The Word-Filled Life

30 Jan

The Lord has been using this Psalm in my life for about four and half years now. Since the changing of my plans in July of 2005, He has been leading me on a journey of loving and knowing His Word in a greater and deeper way. There have been two types of seasons along this journey, one in which I knew It better and loved It more deeply and another in which I have allowed distractions and unfortunately even sin to keep me from It. Nevertheless, I wouldn’t trade the quiet times of study and communion with Jesus for anything else in this world. He has taught me and will undoubtedly continue to teach me that nothing on earth can compare with the benefits and blessings found within the pages of Scripture.

Despite my Lord’s patience in continually teaching me the power and blessing of a Word-filled life, in recent days, busyness has been the culprit responsible for a lessened amount of time spent with my Bible in my lap. I have found myself anxious, doubtful, unkind, and unpleasing more often than not because I have neglected to allow Him to quiet my heart long enough to be convicted, challenged and changed by It.

This morning, I was determined to stay home until my laundry was done (I’ve blogged before about my ongoing battle with whites and colors!) and an extended period of time was spent with the Lord. Thankfully, He provided a quiet house and few distractions to make accomplishing those goals possible.

So I found myself in Psalm 119 again today. I often return to this lengthy chapter when I feel like my heart has lost the wonder it should have for the Word. Through this 176 verse discourse, I am reminded of the countless benefits of the a Word-filled life. Though penned in ages past, it is the words of this Book or rather The Living Word they represent that can meet every need, provide every direction, and bring the greatest joy to this journey I call life thousands of years later.

I decided to read this chapter differently than I normally do. Instead of stopping at one verse that caught my eye (or rather my heart) and doing an extended study of that particular verse, I decided to jot down what it is that I can gain or what it is I should be doing in response to God’s Word as a whole in my life as I read through the entire chapter. I plan go through the list at a later time and study each verse out in full, but I just wanted to share what I gleaned from the first few verses this morning.

verse 4: I am to keep His Word not only by being obedient to It though that is necessary also, but to hedge my life with It. To know it well enough, that It can protect me. To keep my eyes upon It often, that It may truly become life to me.

verse 6: I am to have respect unto It. The word respect here means to look at intently, to regard with pleasure, favor, and care.

verse 11: I am to hide It in my heart. Commit It to memory, commit It to practice that I might not sin against my Savior.

verse 13: I am to declare It. It should be the topic of conversation. What I glean from it should be so life-changing that I can’t help but share It with others.

verse 14: I am to rejoice in It as I would the getting of riches. It should be a treasure to me for it has more benefits than any financial wealth I could ever attain. 

verse 15: I am to meditate on It. The word meditate means to ponder, to converse with oneself and hence aloud. Is the Word on my mind? If It is, It will help to keep my the words of my mouth and the thoughts that I think pleasing. I should be thinking about It, asking Him to make it real to me in a greater way each moment of everyday.

verse 16: I am to delight in It. How often I find pleasure in other things, only to find that it was short-lived! I can continually delight in the promises of God because they will be standing forever. Unlike other things, the excitement they bring wouldn’t fade with time or be replaced by something greater. I am guilty of having a happiness that is extremely dependent upon conditions, but if I find true joy in Scripture and the God that breathed it, my joy will be continual.

verse 18: I am to behold It. The Hebrew word for behold is the same word used in verse 6 meaning to look at intently. Not only a physical looking at with my eyes, but a spiritual looking at with my heart pausing long enough for the Lord to truly work on me, making me more like Him.

verse 20: I am to long for It. I should crave the communion with my Lord that is found through time in His Word. My desire should be to know it that I might live it. Too often, our Bibles are openned only during Sunday morning worship service and spend Monday through Saturday collecting dust. The longer I go without longing for His Word, the dustier my soul becomes.

verse 24: I should look to It for counsel. Proverbs tells us that in the multitude of counselors there is safety. God’s Word offers a multitude of verses on a multitude of topics that provide the best counsel possible. I should seek His opinion for a course of action before I seek that of someone else.

verse 25: I am to be quickened It. Dead apart from Him, His Word should be the place where I seek spiritual life to make a successful and joyful physical life possible. I need to be made alive. My flesh receives not the things of the spirit so I should be diligent in my pursuit of a more vibrant life found through Scripture.

verse 26: I am to be taught by It. My Teacher penned these words that I might learn from them. We can learn nothing from a book we’ve never read. How my wandering heart needs to be taught!

I read through verse 104 this morning, but don’t what to overwhelm you with a list of that length in one post. So I will spend the next few posts focusing on the Word-filled life as found in Psalm 119.

Oh how my life needs more of His Word! I am asking Him to give me a fresh desperation for It, one like David has in verse 5 of this chapter.

I challenge you to spend some time in the middle of your Bible, here in Psalm 119, finding out what the Word-filled life entails. Please comment, if the Lord shows you something in a verse from this passage that I don’t mention.

I’m excited about this study. I haven’t done a themed study since the Fruit of the Spirit over the summer, but I look forward to what He’ll teach me through this one!

Praying you have a wonderful Word-filled weekend! 🙂

“O that my ways were directed to keep thy statutes!”

Psalm 119:5 


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