So Blessed!

17 Jan

It has been such a busy week! Between teaching, church, visiting, and a host of other things there has been little time for blogging!

It would be easy to get burdened and overwhelmed by the busyness, feeling like there is never enough time, but lately the Lord has been calling me to look at it as a blessing!

I am blessed with strength every morning to rise before the sun and spend quiet time with my Lord. Though many mornings bring an alarm sounding too early, the minutes spent in quiet study and prayer are well worth it, giving me the ability to see the blessings in the day ahead.

I am blessed with a Christian workplace where I am able to serve each day. I am privileged to help and train my students academically and spiritually. I have the opportunity to impact their lives with the Gospel. I can freely speak of and live for Jesus without fear of punishment. Not many people get to work in a place that is so enjoyable it doesn’t seem like work, but I have been blessed in this way!

I am blessed with 4 godly grandparents that I get to spend time with each week. Enjoying dinners, sharing stories, and gleaning wisdom, I am blessed to still have them in my life. I am thankful that they are healthy, able to get up every morning, and that they have been diligent in their serving of Jesus that I could see the Reality that He is!

I am blessed with an incredible family that I get to enjoy each day. The blessing of a Daddy who starts my car on cold winter mornings! The blessing of a Mama who keeps our home and puts dinner on the table! The blessing of a sister that is responsible and hardworking even in her teenage years! The blessing of a desire granted, a waiting that was SO worth it, as I share the sweetness of this season with someone who loves the Lord and lives for Him!

I am blessed with a calling to ministry, to a life lived for One who died for me.

I am blessed with a personal knowledge of a most Holy God.

I am blessed with Scripture that meets me right where I am to convict, challenge and change my sinful heart when need be.

I am blessed with this same Scripture that at another time will encourage, strengthen and assure me when I am down and afraid.

I am blessed with a full calendar, with not enough hours in the day to hold all the good things He has given to me!

I am busy but so blessed! 🙂


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