I Thank Him for…

25 Nov

saving me.

hearing the prayer of a nine-year old little girl who knew she needed what she could never gain on her own, but didn’t realize the gravity of the words she whispered to the Lord that April evening some 12 and half years ago.

the little country church where I first knelt to pray.

the preacher in the pulpit that first told me that I was in need of a Savior.

calling me from darkness into His marvelous light.

washing my crimson red sins as white as snow. 

 keeping me regardless of the countless times I’ve failed Him.

taking what I thought I wanted away (on more than one occasion!) so that He could give me what I really wanted.

the tears that fell because of the pain and devastation I was feeling during those times.

an abundant life that is lived through relationship, not ritual or religion because of the things He took away.

the highlighted passages of precious Scripture that are to me spiritual life for these words used to be nothing more than black words upon white paper.

my season of singleness. A season I imagined would be over 5 years ago, but in faithfulness, He allowed to continue that has made me who I am in Him today. A season that provided sweet moments of fellowship with the Lover of my Soul!  A season that gave me time to develop deep friendships with my grandparents. A season that enabled me to attend upon Him without distraction that prepared me for the coming season of life. A season I once viewed as a waste of time will forever be viewed as one of the greatest seasons of my life.

a godly Daddy and Mama that raised me in the ways of the Lord while loving each other fervently and praying for my salvation. It is their love for the Lord that made me realize that there was Something wonderful about being saved long before I accepted Him personally. It is their marriage that sparked the desire in my heart. My Daddy, a hardworking, amazing man who has takes his role as husband, father and Christian seriously. My Mama who was always been home when we returned from school, who taught me how to sing and serve. I am praising my Lord for such a goodly heritage!

my Sissy. A godly, responsible young woman who is a hard worker with a sweet spirit. Her friendship means more to me than she will ever know. Our conversations before work each morning and the way we understand each other that no one else besides the two of us can understand are just two of the many things I praise Him for I regards to my little sister who’s not so little anymore!

my LyssaBug. A beautiful little almost three-year old that is growing up way too fast who has had my heart since day one! I will forever treasure the moments I have spent watching her grow and change. From crawling to walking. From babbling to speaking in full sentences. From being a chubby little baby to a blond-haired, blue-eyed little girl. Time has flown by, but I am thankful for each second of her life I’ve been able to share.

my teaching for it has taught me much more than I ever knew it would. I don’t deserve to do what I am privileged to do everyday, but I can’t imagine doing anything else!

giving me the courage to follow His leading last November even though it was scariest thing I had ever done.

where He has me today because He was good enough to call me from my comfort zone.

what has been accomplished for His Gospel in this last year.

the two lives that now know the saving grace of Jesus that I have been privileged to witness. Something that I never would’ve had a part in had I stayed where I was.

the burden He has given me to live a life of ministry.

the godly young preacher that the Lord brought into my life one year ago this coming Monday. On the final Sunday in November 2008, we visited a new church where he was faithfully serving. On that day, I was amazed by him because  his desire to serve God is a rarity in today’s culture, but I never expected that we would be where we are 12 months later. His faithfulness to our Heavenly Father despite the cost was an example to me then. His love for souls especially those of the teenagers in his care was challenging and humbling. He is someone I could call friend for the first six months of knowing him. Then as the Lord worked in each of our hearts unbeknownst to the other, we began to sense His leading into something much more. After MUCH prayer, we followed His leading into the great Unknown only to find that our God is a God that is indeed able to do exceeding abundantly above ALL that we ask or think. We are excited about what His plan will entail for us. I could go on and on, but for him, I thank Him!

a home to live in. As the rain falls outside, I am warm and dry.

the familiarity of life as I have lived in the same house in the same little town for all of my 22 years.

food upon the table at mealtime and in the cabinet should I get hungry in between.

financial provision and the means to have what I need with plenty left over.

the freedom to love Him and live for Him publicly (Oh for grace to do a better job of it!) in a place called America.

His mercies that are new every morning.

His grace undeserved but so freely given.

the countless things that haven’t made their way to this list, but that bring such joy to this journey called life!

“O give thanks unto the Lord; for He is good..” Psalm 107:1


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