27 Oct

lotsofwordsWords. I write them on the chalkboard every morning. I type them on my laptop’s keyboard on an almost daily basis. I speak them constantly to my family, to my students and co-workers, and in prayer to my Lord.

When written, words come easy for me. They flow quickly and easily from my pen when it hits the paper and from my fingertips as I click the keys on the keyboard. Every other day words are my means of getting His Word from my heart to yours. It’s almost second-nature to write kind words of blessing and post on encouraging topics, but I find that my words change quickly when spoken.

As I speak to those I love the most, I find a disturbing difference between words written and spoken. Often my responses are short and spoken without grace. My words come as a revealer of my attitude that is all too frequently unpleasing to the living Word that lives within my heart. Tonight my Lord lovingly admonished me to think or better yet pray before I speak.

“The words of a wise man’s mouth are gracious…” Ecc. 10:12

The verse seemed to jump off the page as I flipped through my Bible. I stopped to read it and then re-read it. Man, do I need His help with my words! I’m thankful that His Word has much to say about mine! I found great conviction and challenge from my study of the word “gracious.”

What exactly do gracious words sound like? Probably not like my words often do!

The word gracious comes from the Hebrew word chanan meaning to bend or stoop in kindness. Now that is a challenge to my heart! My words, if I desire to be known as wise, are to be words that bend toward the good of others even when I don’t feel like bending! Even when someone else’s words aren’t stooping to my good, I am to ensure that my words are doing just that! Even when I have been hurt or offended, I am to respond in a loving and Christ-like manner. How often I have offended Him yet He STILL responds with forgiveness!

I am to “admonish” (Romans 15:14) others with my words not only my written words on my blog but in all of my words especially those spoken! I am told in Colossians that my words are to be “ALWAY with grace, seasoned with salt.” (4:6) This verse affirms that I can’t just choose when I desire my words to be pleasing, but that they are to be pleasing at ALL times!

Oh that He would give me more grace that my words will be words of graciousness! The prayer upon my heart tonight is the prayer of the Psalmist in Psalms 19:14: “Let the words of my mouth,…be acceptable in thy sight, O LORD, my strength, and my redeemer.”

 Make me bendable, Lord, that I might reflect You in a better way!


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