The Valley from Above

23 Oct

Here’s the post I promised I’d post yesterday, a day late:

096The Valley looks different when you are viewing it from above. I have learned this through real-life trials over the last few years. While walking in the midst of the painful, dark, and often very lonely valley, our hearts are often convinced that nothing good will ever come of those seasons in our lives. I have been there many, many times, but thankfully I now stand on the mountain and can view those valleys from above.

I heard this song earlier this week and I believe I’ll claim it as another one of my testimony songs (I have several! 🙂 ) because it brought this wonderful thought to my mind and described my valleys so perfectly. Since hearing it on Tuesday night, I have been singing it over and over and meditating upon the Truth found in its lines.

‘You’re standing on the mountain holding to the Shepherd’s hand. The valley you just came through was hard to understand. Then the Shepherd draws you closer, there’s something He wants you to see, and points back to the valley and unfolds its mystery.

As the eagles soar around you, you look back on where you’ve been. One by one He answers questions that He did not answer then! He now shows the danger of going your own way, all those roads you thought were better would have led your soul astray.

He reminds you of that moment when you could not make it through. Now you see one set of footprints where He reached down and carried you! As your tears fall on His shoulder, and you thank Him for His love, He says “Child, I knew that one day you’d see this valley from above!”

Things look different on the mountain from the Shepherd’s point of view! Standing high above the trial that He brought you safely through! All the valley’s, disappointments will never look the same to you for things look different on the mountain from the Shepherd’s point of view!’

Oh how different the valley looks when looking through the Savior’s eyes! He knew all along how wonderfully profitable the pain was. He willing allowed the disappointment because He knew we’d one day (in His time!) see it from the mountain top!

What was once a mystery can now be viewed as a source for ministry. That time in your life that was so horrible has been and will continue to be used by the Shepherd to draw you closer to Himself. 

Where questions once resounded unanswered, there are now answers. And not just any old answers, but answers from the very Creator of the valley! The One who knew the answers all along, but has waited for the perfect time to reveal them to you.

Looking back at those painful and trying times, sometimes I wonder “How did I make it through?” Now as I enjoy the mountaintop, I hear His sweet reply, “My precious child, I carried you. I carried you when you had lost everything. I carried you on the days when you were bitterly refusing to see the valley through my eyes. I carried you on your “up days” when you were whole-heartedly believing that I had a purpose and a plan. Regardless of your response, child, I was there, carrying you!”

It’s from this mountaintop that I now see this valley as  a tremendous blessing instead of the burden it once was. I now know the danger that would’ve awaited me had I gone my own way. Had my loving Lord not stepped in, extended His staff and directed me into the valley, I am confident that this blog would not be in existence for I would still be going through the motions, neglecting to really love and live for Him. Now I see that His “rod and (his) staff”  really do bringcomfort!” (Psalm 23:4) I had my plans, but oh how MUCH better His plan is! He knew best even though His plan included a few valleys along the way!

And now over four years later, I am thankful that He has chosen to show me that valley from above. Above, physically speaking ,as I stand on the mountain looking down into it, but also above spiritually speaking as I now know it was a sweet and precious gift from Above, lovingly allowed by my Shepherd! 🙂

The famous Psalm is now personal. He truly is “MY Shepherd” and never allows anything that He doesn’t have a splendid purpose for!

I’m praying that He will one day allow you to see your valley’s from above! Have a great weekend everyone! Trust the Shepherd, He KNOWS what’s best! Just as He has carried you in the past, He is carrying you today!

” The Lord is MY Shepherd, I shall not want.” Psalm 23:1


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