Oh Cleanser of this Mess I’ve Made…

13 Oct

trashI type tonight sitting on my bedroom floor surrounded by piles of sorted laundry, papers, receipts, books, etc. etc. You name it, and it is probably scattered around my room adding to the clutter and mess.

While in the midst of cleaning my desk (that I haven’t been able to use in months!), the Lord began to speak to my heart. As I sorted through receipts from May that have yet to be filed, with pens and pencils everywhere except for the cup they belong in, and various other things that have found a home there, He was painting a spiritual picture for me.

“My child, your untidy room looks a whole lot like your heart.”

As I heard this, I knew it was truth.

The mess on my desk was not intentional, and it didn’t occur all at once. I would never collect this assortment and put it on my desk all in one day, but somehow over time it all begins to pile up. Most of the time in the busyness of it all I don’t even realize how messy it’s becoming. In the thick of a busy week, I barely find time to fall into bed at midnight and rush out the door early the next morning.

Unfortunately, this parallels my spiritual condition closely. I don’t realize how messy my heart is becoming because I spend very little time looking long and hard at it in the light of God’s Word. I speed through my quiet time as a to-do list waits. I sleepily say my prayers as I climb into bed at night. Before long, my heart is home to the clutter of spiritual disregard. Again I didn’t intentionally arrive here, but my failure to slow down and “clean up” spiritually speaking has brought me to this place.

Thankfully the mess that took weeks to make takes only a few hours of devoted cleaning to repair. The same is true spiritually. As I come to Him seeking restoration and repair, He is waiting to do just that. It is His desire to clean up the mess I’ve made and make me usable again. He removes the weak spirit, the unkind words, the selfishness and all of the other clutter that has taken up residence there. He puts things in order much like I sort and organize the piles, boxing the keepsakes and trashing the junk (that is the hard one for me, those who know me well know I’m a terrible pack-rat!)!

Once the mess in my room and in my heart has been cleaned, I feel refreshed and ready to face tomorrow as I attempt (by the grace of God alone!) to keep the mess from reoccurring!I am so thankful that He is the Cleanser of the many messes I make!

“Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me.” Psalm 51:10


3 Responses to “Oh Cleanser of this Mess I’ve Made…”

  1. Aunt El October 14, 2009 at 9:19 am #

    Very good! And if we would all be honest, we would have to say……… “me too!”


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