8 Oct

sunrise“Ah Lord God! Behold thou hast made heaven and earth by thy great power and stretched out arm and there is NOTHING too hard for thee!” Jer. 32:17

I recently set this verse as my wallpaper on my computer in my classroom and little did I know how much it would bless and strengthen my heart today. As a handful of circumstances and situations threatened to steal my peace, this verse sustained me.

Absolutely NOTHING is too hard for my God to handle! Regardless of how dark the night, how turbulent the storm, how uncertain the future, He is greater than it all. Though the howling tempest may toss the ship, He can bring stillness with one word. Though the darkness is blinding, frightening, paralyzing at times, He is near. Though the uncertainty is frustrating, He is omniscient. He is Light in the darkness, He is the Calmer of the storm, He is Peace in uncertainty.

We find hundreds of reminders in His precious Word that He is indeed all powerful, that NOTHING is too hard for Him to work in and through.

He takes weakness and shows Himself strong.

He takes pain and shows Himself  as the Healer.

He takes death and shows Himself as Life.

He takes emptiness and shows us what it means to be filled completely with His Spirit.

He takes life altering situations and uses them to alter our view of Himself, to show us that He’s Soveriegn and that He’s good despite how hard it becomes for us.

Also on my heart tonight are the words to a song we used to sing entitled “Nothing’s Too Hard for God.” They fit so perfectly with this thought reminding us that countless others have faced the same things we are facing. They remind us that the very same God that came through for them stands ready to do the same for us! I pray that they bless you and encourage your heart tonight:

‘Nothing’s too hard for God. No, nothing’s too hard for God. Ask Moses at the mighty Red Sea. Ask old Sarah with her little baby. Ask Elijah with the prophets of Baal. Ask old Jonah in the belly of the whale. Ask Gideon and 300 men. Ask old Daniel in the lion’s den. Ask Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego. Ask little David with a sling and a stone.

Ask the widow woman when her dead boy cried. Ask that blind man when He opened his eyes. Ask Brother Paul on Damascus Road. Ask 5,000 about fishes and loaves. Ask Peter about walking the sea. Ask that woman about her blood disease. Ask all of the people at the cross that day. Ask old Satan when the stone rolled away.’

These are not just stories from a book, but rather true accounts from my blessed Bible, affirmations that God can and will do the impossible, that God can and will do something when we’ve determined nothing else can be done!

The valley is not too low though it seems to be lasting much longer than it should be. The mountain is not too high though the peak seems unreachable. The God that created your valley and formed your valley also created you, my friend, and promised victory in the end of it. Remember that NOTHING’S too hard for Him.

“I know that Thou canst do EVERY THING, and that no thought can be witholden from Thee!” 

Job 42:2


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