He Went in the Way Before Me!

4 Oct

orangegerberadaisyI was encouraged tonight by the account of the children of Israel and the faithfulness of their God! Life and it’s busyness has been keeping me from posting on the every other day basis that I strive to, but I finally had a few minutes tonight to share with you the sweet Scripture that the Lord is using in my life! 🙂

Lately, in the hustle and bustle of it all, with so many things on my mind, I have found myself spending less and less time thinking upon the awesome things He has done over this last year. I never want to get so busy that I neglect to think on His goodness to me!

When I stop to think upon all of the things He has done in the last 11 months, my heart is filled with amazement and praise.

11 months ago as I felt His calling to step out into the unknown, to leave behind everything that my life had always included, I had no idea what my loving Lord had in store! My reaction was much like that of the children of Israel as they lingered in Kadesh-barnea though the Promised Land was before them! (Deu. 1:19-33) I knew He had something new and wonderful waiting but my current condition was familiar and the future was everything but!

 After 40 years of wandering, I wonder if the Israelites had started to get comfortable in their wandering? Comfortable enough to tarry when blessing was before them! How often in our lives do we let what’s always been keep us from allowing God to do a new thing? Then came the fear of uncertainty. The children of Israel faced this fear as reports of people “greater and taller” than themselves, cities great and walled up to Heaven”(vs. 28) coming from the twelve spies fell upon their ears.  The devil reported that my future was just as bleak, but I am so thankful that the Lord’s Promise of a Promised Land won out, and that He gave me the grace I needed to step out though the fear was paralyzing at the time!

Last November as He gently closed the door of a season that I spent 21 years of my life in, I didn’t know that He had “went in the way before (me), to search (me) out a place to pitch (my) tents in, in fire by night, to show (me) by what way (I) should go, and in a cloud by day!” (vs. 33)

 I know now of His faithfulness in a way I didn’t before. I know what it’s like to trust Him even when His requests don’t make sense. I now know that He is ever faithful to give the guidance, direction, and peace that an uncertain heart longs for! I see clearly His fingerprints upon the place that He has prepared for me to serve Him in! Everyday along this journey I had His Presence and now I have His Peace as I enjoy the bountiful blessings of being where He desires me to be! He is my Faithful Provider! I am certain that He “went in the way before me” to bring such wonderful things to fruition!

So much has taken place in the last 330 days that I never could have imagined. He has brought so much to pass that has made a verse that I have long claimed as my favorite a reality in my everyday life. Truly my God has done and continues to do “exceeding abundantly above ALL that (I) ask or think!” Eph. 3:20 🙂


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